Keith Olbermann had the balls to say what the main stream media has only been slightly hinting at over the past couple of weeks. The fact that the Clinton campaign’s racial undertones are outrageous and appalling, and that Geraldine Ferraro is a vile and ignorant old hag that has a twenty-year history of spewing racism as part of political discourse.  Click on the "Olbermann Uproar on Ferraro Uproar" video after following the link. I applaud Keith Olbermann for his spot-on analysis and candor.  We need more journalists like this guy.

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  1. He sure can deliver a beatdown. The tone, the pacing, the way he starts by saying “I hate to do this,” then bam.

    #1 by Mark — March 13, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

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