There is rumor that The Bionic Woman (TBW) has been canceled after only 8 episodes!  NBC Universal denied the rumor a month ago and said that production on the show would resume after the writers’ strike.  Well, the strike is over and the show’s production has not resumed.  Smells like death for the show.  Everyone expected a shortened season due to the strike but expected the show to be renewed for at least a second season.

What’s interesting about this is that TBW was getting higher ratings than Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, yet Fox will be bringing Ms. Connor back next Fall.  It seems that NBC brass has decided to kill their extra investments in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre outside of HeroesHeroes is still by considered a hit show even though its ratings have dropped, maybe that has scared them a bit.  Perhaps the production costs of TBW far outweighed the ad sales and it was simply a business decision.  Who knows?

But this is all speculation on conjecture and rumor.  If the rumor turns out to be true then shame on NBC for killing a pretty good show with a loyal following.

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