I am reading through the news on my way to the polls and can’t help but notice that everyone seems a little depressed in this country. It’s not just Britney Spears that needs help, but her life is one of the few that gets played out in the public stage. With the housing sector in trouble everyone that owns a home is going a little crazy, and some are bringing those stresses into the office. It looks like everyone in America is in need change in their lives and are looking for more than lip service.

Even people from around the world are upset with America, mostly because of President Bush, and especially in Turkey. Yes, in Turkey, a country that is, or was, one of our staunchest allies hates President Bush with such passion that a new President will be most welcome. Many analysts agree that if Obama is elected, a President of African descent with a Muslim name will go a long way in easing relations and perceptions of America around the globe.

Just because there are two strong Democratic candidates doesn’t mean that it’s a difficult choice. If you are a Democrat and want constructive change then you have to vote for Barack Obama. Mark your ballot with confidence. Even the Kennedys agree that Obama is the best democratic candidate to write the next chapter for America. I am heading to the polls to vote for Obama and so should you.

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