Matt Gonzalez, former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and mayoral candidate, was tapped by Ralph Nader to be a vice-presidential running mate. It’s good to see Mattie G getting back into politics! I know that many of his supporters were heartbroken when he lost the Mayor’s race to Gavin Newsom back in 2003. So much so that, as of this writing, his website is still displaying the loss to Newsom.

TSA Gangstaz is a funny parody gangsta rap video about airport security that was likely written by 12-year-olds. “Belt buckle, money clip, coins keys, wallet, purse / put some deez on it run it through.” According to the songwriter, TSA stands for “taking suckah’s assets.” NSFW, but check it out when you have a moment. Via BoingBoing.

The war for the next-generation video format war is over. Last week, Toshiba officially announced that it will no longer manufacture HD-DVD players, making Sony’s Blu-ray technology the victor. I feel really bad for some of my friends that bought HD-DVD players in the last couple of months. I will now be waiting for Microsoft to release their Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360.

Fidel Castro ended his presidency, not with a burst of gunfire but with a simple announcement saying he was done. Fidel’s brother Raul, who ironically looks older than Fidel does even though he’s 5 years younger, was chosen as president by Cuba’s National Assembly shortly after. And so ends the rule of a man that 10 U.S. presidents tried to take down. Oddly enough, there have been no reports of partying in Miami, as they did last year when people thought Fidel Castro had died. I guess the Cubans in Miami learned their lesson and are now saving it for the funeral.

Via Boing Boing.

After his racist rant and his lame ass excuses, like “I actually thought I was black,” you would think that A&E would never let Dog the Bounty Hunter back on the air right!? Wrong! Apparently A&E has started production on Dog the Bounty Hunter without announcing an air date. It just goes to show that if you are a racist bastard and you say you are sorry, even if you don’t mean it, you get a second chance. Like I said before I am done with Dog and if I could cancel A&E from my cable subscription I would.

It seems that until now very few people seem concerned about disappearing bee populations. Well, Haagen-Dazs is warning that 40% of their flavors need fruits and vegetables that are pollinated by bees. This means that premium ice cream prices will go up and flavors may disappear altogether. Bottom line, if you like ice cream you should consider donating to bee population research. Contact the UC Davis Department of Entomology at (530) 752-0475 and ask how you can help financially.


With wins in Wisconsin and Hawaii, Obama has made it 10 contest wins in a row against Hillary. My friend that lives in Hawaii said that the turnout at the Hawaiian democratic caucuses were 4 to 5 times more than expected. At his local polling place, there were 500 people that showed up to vote for Obama. So many people in fact that the polling place ran out of democratic registration forms. I guess only about 100 people were expected to show up. Obama’s message of hope even inspires the seemingly disenfranchised to show up and vote! That’s something!

The 51st San Francisco International Film Festival, which will be held from April 24, 2008 to May 8, 2008, will open at the Castro Theatre this year with The Last Mistress (France), the latest film from acclaimed director Catherine Breillat. The Last Mistress will screen at 7:00 pm with Catherine Breillat in attendance, followed by the gala Opening Night party at 9:30 pm in the scenic settings of City View at Metreon, located on the penthouse level of 101 Fourth Street at Mission.

Admission for the Opening Night film and party is $85 for general public/$70 for San Francisco Film Society members; VIP tickets are $135. Tickets should be going on sale at the SF Film Society website soon.

I caught what I can only describe as an evil stomach virus this weekend that had me within close proximity of a toilet bowl at all times. Everything that I ate on Sunday flew out of me one way or another (and I do mean everything). I was so weak and dehydrated by Sunday night that I passed out from exhaustion. Vomiting is violent, so much so that my diaphragm muscles are in pain like I got punched in the stomach. Today, a couple of people have told me that this “has been going around.” Well, thanks for the warning!

What a difference a weeks makes! Obama has won the last eight contests since Super Tuesday and is now leading Hilary in delegates, even with all of Hilary’s super delegate support. If she doesn’t stop Obama in Texas and Ohio she could be done. Obama has the momentum!

The writer’s strike will likely be over this Wednesday; television viewers rejoice.

The democratic presidential race is so close that analysts are speculating that an old school back room deal at the Democratic National Convention in August is likely. This would mean that the primaries, caucuses, and the delegate votes will not matter at the end. It would be up to the superdelegates, the delegates that are not chosen by voters but make up 40% of the total, to pick the nominee. The superdelegates are elected officials and high-ranking party operatives who are free to pick whomever they like, regardless of who won what primary. It could be crazy–stay tuned.

I added the AdBrite ad service to my site yesterday and inadvertently turned on inline and full page ads. These obnoxious ads should be gone from the site by mid-day today. The only remaining ads should be the right side skyscraper on the front page and the top banner ads in the archive pages that have been there over the last two years. Sorry about that.

After Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton has a slight lead in the delegate count over Barack Obama. Obama won more states, but Hillary won more votes because she won California. They both claimed victory last night, but the battle continues.

I am reading through the news on my way to the polls and can’t help but notice that everyone seems a little depressed in this country. It’s not just Britney Spears that needs help, but her life is one of the few that gets played out in the public stage. With the housing sector in trouble everyone that owns a home is going a little crazy, and some are bringing those stresses into the office. It looks like everyone in America is in need change in their lives and are looking for more than lip service.

Even people from around the world are upset with America, mostly because of President Bush, and especially in Turkey. Yes, in Turkey, a country that is, or was, one of our staunchest allies hates President Bush with such passion that a new President will be most welcome. Many analysts agree that if Obama is elected, a President of African descent with a Muslim name will go a long way in easing relations and perceptions of America around the globe.

Just because there are two strong Democratic candidates doesn’t mean that it’s a difficult choice. If you are a Democrat and want constructive change then you have to vote for Barack Obama. Mark your ballot with confidence. Even the Kennedys agree that Obama is the best democratic candidate to write the next chapter for America. I am heading to the polls to vote for Obama and so should you.

A year ago, Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for substantially more than the current $44.6 billion offer, but Yahoo turned them down. Now, after all of the mistakes that Yahoo made over the last year, it looks like the sale is almost an inevitability. They’ve making mistakes for a while. Yahoo had the opportunity to buy Google in the early days. Hell, in the last two years it had an opportunity to buy YouTube and Facebook for a fraction of their current valuations. Yahoo would damn near own the Valley today if it had pulled the trigger on just one of those deals (guess which one). But now, the only deal on the table is Yahoo itself. Hopefully, they won’t mess up that deal too, or they may have to officially change their name to Boo-hoo-ooo!

Everyone has seen the after-Super Bowl Disneyland spots where an athlete is caught right after the game saying, “I’m going to Disneyland!” Well, one of the NFL cameramen that make those shots happen is from the Bay Area and was interviewed by the Chronicle. Interesting read.