I am taking some serious time off from work this year for the holidays. I will be off from now until January 7, 2008. A full month! Mama and I will be visiting our friends Larry and Tina in Kona, Hawaii, for a week of scuba diving and fun. But then, sadly, I have to come back the following week for jury duty. Chances are I won’t get picked and will be chillin’ at home relaxing that week, but you never know. The rest of the time is completely up in the air. Totally unscripted. You know, it’s my way of supporting the writer’s strike. One thing is certain, we will be spending time with family and friends.

When I was a kid, I loved to watch the old American Gladiators show because it was all about the underdog trying to beat the big professional gladiators. The pros were these huge body builders, stunt men, and the like. The competitors were regular athletic people that just wanted to compete. Totally fun to watch and one of the first reality competition shows that was not about dancing (see Dance Fever). Well, the new American Gladiators is airing on January 6th.