A Microsoft executive named Michael Wallent is leaving Microsoft to return as Megan Wallent a few weeks later. The transgender executive is blogging about his transition “From Michael to Megan” on his her blog.

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  1. Hey Nugget! This is Kelly Sun from Seattle. Long time no talk, how’s the KP office doing?! Yup, I’m still reading your blog, mostly diving but today felt like surfacing and talk about this story here – Thanks for showing us the story of Megan, I followed the blog, wasn’t sure what to expect, and as I read on, she actually had a really amazing journey, and kind of inspiring. Thanks for always bringing people to new fronts with your writing and certainly this one was very cool for me.

    Btw, minor spelling correction – it is Megan Wallent, not Wellent. Also, hahaha about the M$ stuff, are you consulting with Greengle again? (comeback from a Seattle-lite) Keep it up Mr. Fab!~ i miss K**G (sometimes.)

    #1 by Kelly — December 10, 2007 @ 10:53 pm

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