The National Enquirer is now reporting that many who were once close with Dog can confirm that he is one racist and ignorant prick. The people speaking out against him include his ex-wife, an ex-colleague, and his step-daughter. Here are a couple of excerpts from the story:

“I think Dog is a racist — no question…He ran down every single minority group when I was with him, and n—er was a daily word for him…He called Mexican people ‘beaners’ or ‘wetbacks’ and Asian people ‘flangeheads.’…I would tell him not to talk that way in front of our kids, but he just ignored me.” Lyssa [his ex-wife] recalled an incident in Denver in which she says Dog lashed out at an interracial couple in a grocery store. “Dog said to the woman, ‘I know that’s got to be your pimp! I know you wouldn’t be f—–g him if you weren’t getting paid!’ They were husband and wife, but when the man started to object, Dog just went crazy, screaming at him, ‘I’ll kick your ass.'” Dog’s step-daughter Nicole Gillespie, daughter of Dog’s ex-wife Tawnee, says she regularly heard hateful language from Dog when she was growing up. “My mother was half-Mexican, and if they fought, Dog would call her a ‘dirty spic whore’ and a ‘dirty Mexican slut’…That’s what he taught his kids was the right way to talk. When they got older, they had to un-learn the racism that Dog taught them. It’s sick. It’s like a disease, and it spreads.”

Wow, this motherfucker is out of control with the hate language! This depicts someone completely different from his fabricated TV persona. Buh-bye Dog!

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