Ari & Staella Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Los Angeles to a small island off the coast of Ireland which was definitely the perfect Irish countryside. At the end of the day, it was a couple of stubborn donkeys that determined the outcome of this leg. Ari & Staella and Nathan & Jennifer got two donkeys that refused to move, but I am sure it had something to do with the teams personalities and how they treated the donkeys too. The moral of the story: treat donkeys right and they’ll treat you right.

Ari & Staella completely alienated their donkey and ended up paying the price. Who knows if they ever led their donkey across the finish line. Maybe the producers let them off the hook when they realized all of the other teams had finished. We’ll never know. As much as I don’t like Kynt & Vyxsin, they were scrappy enough to get a second place finish in this leg. Ultimately, it was Azaria & Hendekea which came in first place.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

  • Nicolas & Donald got into the first car and took their time packing the car, since they knew no other teams could pass them. Oh yeah, the airline pilot has some “cohones!” Look if a pilot can leave a plane full of people on an airport tarmac for 9 hours, you best believe he feels no shame in slowing the other teams for a few minutes.
  • “My father is almost 60-years-old and I wanted to treasure every day that we have left together” said Christina of her dad. Damn, is he dying or something? It seems a little weird for her to word it that way when people live into their eighties nowadays.
  • The Goths: These fuckers got on my nerves from the start. Kynt seems like a total pussy, and I can’t believe that he’s straight with all that make-up on. Still his girlfriend is crazy hot. We’ll see as the race goes on, but I doubt they are going to grow on me.
  • Early alliance: Azaria & Hendekea and Ronald & Christina formed an early alliance. We’ll see how long this lasts.
  • Ari & Staella swooped on a taxi that was reserved for another team. Karma got them back though. It’s too bad, because Ari is from the LBC and he didn’t represent.
  • “You are the worst person at this I’ve ever met” Nathan yelled at Jennifer for not being able to run as fast as he could. What an ass! I foresee explosive fights from this team later on.
  • Donald fell into some bushes when his shoe got stuck in a shrub, cutting his face a little. Old people falling on the race is nothing new, but it’s funny every time. I have a feeling this old fart will be falling again before the race is over.
  • Donkeys 1, Humans 0. Any challenge with animals is going to yield some craziness. Ari & Staella and Nathan & Jennifer got two donkeys that refused to move. And no amount of coaxing and ass-slapping seemed to make a difference.
  • Uncomfortable hug: When Azaria & Hendekea, brother and sister, crossed the finish line in first place, he hugged her and lifted her off the ground. The thing is though, he held on for a second or two too long. Maybe it’s just me because I never had a sister. It just seemed a little, you know, weird.

Episode Stats

Detour: None.
Roadblock: Who’s ready to pedal for their partner? In this roadblock, one team member needed to pedal a high-wire bicycle across a ravine with their partner dangling on the bottom of the wire.
Fast Forward: None.
Intersection: None.
Yield: None.
Pit Stop: Connemara Heritage Center, Connemara, Ireland.

Smartest Play: All the teams that were nice to their donkey—it paid off.
Dumbest Play: Nathan & Jennifer waiting so long before thinking of the bright idea of shutting the hell up and pushing, not pulling, their donkey.
Balls of the Week: None.
Funniest Moment: When Nathan & Jennifer lost their cool when their donkey wouldn’t move.

Pick to Win: Marianna & Julia, just because I want an all-female team to win for the first time.
Next to Be Eliminated: Kate & Pat

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  1. which one’s the dude and which one’s the chick?

    #1 by Lisa — December 5, 2007 @ 1:02 pm

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