An employee at was caught cheating. He was using security flaws in the system to see his opponents’ hole cards in high stakes no-limit texas hold’em online games. This allowed him to amass $700,000 in winnings. They are blaming everything on this “rogue” employee, but who knows what was really going on or how many were involved. Surely, if this can happen with Absolute Poker, it can happen at other online poker sites.

I have always questioned the fairness of the online games and now play live games exclusively. I think the temptation to cheat at the online tables is too great for both employees and patrons alike. I mean, what is to stop a team of two or three people at a table of 8-10 players from sharing their hole cards in someone’s living room to improve their game against the rest of the table. This type of teaming happens all of the time, but it’s online poker’s little secret.

The only way to make sure you are not being cheated is to play live games at a reputable casino, period. You can see all of the communication that players are having with each other, all of the cards at the table, the dealer, the chips, everything. It’s the best way to play until human evolution makes telepathy possible and the game of poker obsolete.

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  1. Ha! I actually know the guys who started – an interesting bunch. I never knew they were so smart though, you wouldn’t know it by talking to them!!!

    #1 by Lauren Easom — October 21, 2007 @ 10:50 am

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