So, everybody that knows me knows that I love TV, mostly reality TV. However, there are a few new non-reality shows that I am going to be checking out this Fall season. One of the shows is Bionic Woman. I used to be in love with Lindsay Wagner (the original Bionic Woman) and Lynda Carter (she played Wonder Woman), when I was a kid. I can’t wait to see Bionic Woman get a face lift, it may turn out as good as the new and improved Battlestar Galactica.

The other show that I am willing to watch because the Geico commercials always make laugh is Cavemen. Believe it or not, they made a sitcom about the cavemen from the commercials. Hopefully, they did not dumb down to get a larger audience and it will do well. More than likely though it will be cancelled. Remember, only one third of shows ever get to have a second season. Stay tuned, or should I say, tune in.

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