Marc Ecko, the person who paid more than $750k for Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball, has setup a website to ask what to do with it. The options are 1) send it to Cooperstown, 2) send it to Cooperstown with an asterisk branded on it (eluding to Bonds’ alleged steroid use), and 3) blast it into space.

Bonds has come out and said that he thinks the whole poll idea is stupid and that Ecko could find better uses on spending three quarters of a million dollars. Although Bonds will never admit it, this whole incident with the ball has probably hurt his feelings a little bit. Bonds added, “all those options don’t weigh anything…in baseball, that number (756) stands.”

Ultimately, I don’t think that Marc Ecko is a baseball fan with a lot of money. I don’t even think that he likes baseball. He is simply a businessman that saw an opportunity in getting way more than $750k of publicity for $750k. Because you have to admit, even if you didn’t know who the hell Marc Ecko was before this publicity stunt, you sure know who he is now.

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