Don't Tase Me Bro T-Shirt Design

This video and the ensuing blogosphere discourse has made “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” the latest Internet meme. So much so, that the Wired Threat Level Blog has created a post about the phenomenon. This only happened two days ago and mofos are already selling t-shirts with the images like the one shown here. As for me, I am still waiting for “All Your Base” to become popular again.

I have watched several versions of the video since there were probably 20 cameras filming it. While I agree that the guy was acting like an ass, he should have simply been escorted out of the building and NOT arrested. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech for all of us, including this guy, whether you like him or not. The campus police should have simply escorted him outside, explained to him that he has the right to voice his opinions without causing a disturbance, and sent him on his way.

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