Britney Spears You Suck

I didn’t see the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, but apparently you can still catch Britney Spears’ tragic performance online at the MTV website. Perez Hilton has been skewering her, deservedly so, non-stop since the event on Sunday. Watch it and judge for yourself. Tragic. Train wreck. Just fucking sad!

An MTV insider told the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six:

“She didn’t even get to Las Vegas until 4:30 p.m. It was ridiculous. The production people at MTV were freaking out. Nobody can tell Britney what to do anymore. No one can control her. She is a mess. She went to her hotel room and ordered a bunch of food and some frozen margaritas. She came down an hour later with a frozen margarita in her hand.

The dance number was spectacular — without her. When the stand-in was rehearsing with the dancers, in the hours they were all waiting for her, it was amazing. Then Britney showed up and refused to do anything. The more complicated dance moves had to be erased because she couldn’t do them.

MTV wanted her to wear a corset outfit. It would have looked great and covered a lot of things up, but she hated it and didn’t think it was sexy enough.”

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