Mayhem at Gas Station

The same Shell station that last month had incredibly high prices as part of an ongoing protest against Shell, and that happens around the corner from my house, was pumped dry yesterday when the owner lowered his prices to $2.98 for regular and $2.99 for premium grades.

Vehicles were lined up for blocks trying to get into the gas station and ran their car engines for hours only to save $5 – $10 for a tank of gas. Unless you are the proud owner of a Hummer, in which case you would probably save even more. Still some people drove there from over 30 miles away and paid bridge tolls to get there and then waited for three hours. I suspect that many spent more than $10 trying to save $10!

It just goes to show that people are stupid and Americans have a herd mentality about consuming just about anything, including gas! It was clear from the cars in line that many who came for the gas were NOT even from the city, I mean, the cars were humongous! The good news is that most of the traffic was on Harrison Street and did not inconvenience my block.

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