The last few minutes of The Sopranos were filled with tension and impending certain doom. A couple of shady characters walked into the restaurant, Meadow was almost hit by a car crossing the street, and then nothing. Cut to black with no audio! Much to everyone’s surprise, Tony survives the end of the series even if his future is uncertain.

David Chase mindfucked us all again by not killing Tony or any member of his family. Surely some will say it was genius and others will simply be annoyed that there were so many loose ends. Many wanted closure. But that is exactly how life is: untidy, unpredictable, and uncertain. Cut to black.

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  1. I THINK… YES it is sad how it ended. However, how else could it end? How befitting. I want to see more. I love Tony seeing BLACK _ black _ Grew up in the world and wish I could have been. P Hilton… oh if they only could spill. -) better offers….

    #1 by Tawny Galligan — June 11, 2007 @ 7:45 pm

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