Google Maps Street View has had everyone in the blogosphere talking about invasion of privacy even though the photos were all taken from a public street. Of course, Google fails to mention that the photos were taken with a 500mm zoom lens, but what the hell. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I wasn’t caught with my hand in my pants scratching my balls when the Google truck passed by.

Before you make your own decision Mark Morford’s column on the subject is a must read, here’s an excerpt:

Ah, Google, you great wicked benevolent super-cool vaguely disturbing Big Brother ├╝berbitch mega-company, quietly taking over the entire goddamn Net universe and most of the terrestrial world, too, one cool but simultaneously unnerving innovation at a time.

Do no evil they say, but everyone recently seems to be convinced otherwise. Ironically, just search “google street view” in Google News to get the latest in pissed off columns and news stories.

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