Paris Hilton was released from jail under house arrest after being there only three days because of an “unspecified medical condition.” I didn’t know that being allergic to jail was a good enough excuse to be sent home. How many underprivileged Latino or African-American kids Paris’s age get sent home after complaining of a tummy ache? None! In our society people with money are allowed more due process than people without money.

Fairness doesn’t exist. Let’s all get over it. It’s called Economic Favoritism.

When rich non-famous white guys get away with murder, literally, it doesn’t make the news. However, when a rich and famous black guy like O.J. Simpson does it, everyone is in an uproar about it. It’s the system that gives preferences to the rich, regardless of color. It just so happens that most of the rich are white. However, slowly but surely this too is changing.

Will Paris be returned to jail, or will she spend the rest of her sentence “trapped” in her 5,000-square foot home in the Hollywood Hills? The fact that this is what the world (including this blog) is talking about is probably the saddest thing. Stay tuned.

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