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The media revealed today that drug-resistant tuberculosis patient that is currently in the news is a 31-year-old attorney from Atlanta named Andrew Speaker. He was told two days before his wedding in Greece not to go, but he decided to go anyway. Then after taking 5 flights to get to Italy, the CDC and the Italian authorities told him not to get on any more flights and he took 2 more flights to get to Canada and drove into the U.S. (see this timeline graphic). The CDC must have put him on a commercial no-fly list for inbound U.S. flights at that point.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I am told I have a rare disease I think that’s a good enough reason to cancel or postpone some wedding plans, even if it isn’t a highly contagious disease, which this is. He’s now under U.S. government quarantine and undergoing treatment. The bastard put countless lives at risk by taking a total of 7 commercial flights after being told not to do so. I certainly hope he survives and that nobody else contracted the disease, but I have to question his judgment to put the lives of others at risk. If it was that important, the responsible thing to do was to take a private plane to and from Greece.

If anyone else is harmed due to his actions he should be held financially, if not criminally, accountable. As a lawyer I am sure he understands the concepts of negligence and liability. He’s going to suffer a much bigger beatdown than coughing! Sadly, because he only has a 30% survival rate, chances are anyone harmed from this may have to sue his widow and estate.

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