I normally don’t comment on American Idol and can really care less about who wins it, but I typically watch the finale to see which stars they get to perform. Prince’s performance during the last American Idol finale was awesome, although it paled in comparison to his incredible Super Bowl performance.

There was no Prince this year and nobody who could even come close to hold a candle to him. Gwen Stefani performed from another stage on her tour, so that doesn’t even count! Smokey Robinson’s performance was a bit muted, you can tell he doesn’t have the range he used to have. The same thing could be said of Gladys Knight and Bette Midler who gave performances that were well past their prime. Their voices are gone.

Tony Bennett doesn’t have the range he used to but makes up for it with pure charisma–I give him a pass for the night. The two best performances were ones that you wouldn’t expect. First, I’d say that Doug E. Fresh and Blake Lewis did a good rendition of Doug E. Fresh’s classic, The Show. Maybe it resonated more with me because that reminds me of my freshman year of high school.

Okay, I am old. I am also biased, but this is the Nug not CNN. This blog is like Fox News without Republicans. Or reporters for that matter. But I digress.

The second best was Green Day’s performance of Lennon’s Working Class Hero, which they did to protest conditions in Darfur. It was dark, edgy and included the original lyrics which include the word “fucking” and was bleeped out successfully on live feed delay. The American Idol franchise won’t have to worry about going down on the count of an expletive.

All in all, it was pretty boring show apart from those two performances which I really enjoyed. Oh, and I did laugh out loud when Sanjaya sang You Really Got Me accompanied by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry. WTF!? The show ran late and I didn’t get to see the results live because the Tivo stopped recording. I later found that Jordin won.

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