Team Prada Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Macau to Guam. Team Prada was marked for elimination but missed the earlier flight to Tokyo. They got on a later flight to Tokyo hoping to make the connection. Of course, they totally made the flight to Guam despite the drama created by the producers of the show through editing. It would have been lame if they were eliminated by missing a flight!

Teams bunched up leading into the first task, but they felt safe knowing that they would have a half hour cushion as long as Team Prada did not come in first place. Team Schmirna was in last place leaving the Detour, but passed Team Prada on the way to the Roadblock because they got lost, yet again. It would have been nearly impossible for them to gain thirty minutes on Team Schmirna anyway.

So the final three teams are The Beauty Queens, Eric & Danielle, and Team Shmirna. I am rooting for the Beauty Queens because I would like them to be the first all-female team to win the race. They are ultra-competitive and have a good chance to win. I wish them luck!

Here are the highlights from this week’s episode:

  • “We know that Karma was a particular bitch on the last leg of the race” said Oswald of their previous leg in which they sold their Yield to the Beauty Queens. However, they seemed contrite and ready to rock on this leg.
  • “How do you say Air – poht?” said Mirna in her condescending fake foreign accent. The Hong Kong cab driver simply responded in perfect English, “airport.” Inside he surely wanted to strangle her. I just know he did, well I know I did.
  • “You look very buff today, Eric” said one of the Beauty Queens to Eric. Danielle smiled her but was surely thinking “you better not be flirting with my man, bitch!”
  • All of the teams were pissed to see Team Prada on the plane to Guam.
  • “Put it in with some degree of love, don’t just throw it like it’s garbage” said the army officer overseeing the Care Package Detour. He was pissed that Mirna was throwing items into the box without any care as to how they landed.
  • Mirna was wearing a shirt that said “This is what cool looks like.” Earlier in the race I thought that the shirt said “This is what a c*** looks like.”
  • “I’m bringing you over so you can tell my maid how to clean ‘cause obviously I don’t know what to tell her” said Oswald to the army sergeant that was overseeing their task. He was a stickler for clean and forced Team Prada to do serious cleaning of the plane.
  • “M’am I told you not to touch the screen” said the army staff person assigned to follow Charla around for the Roadblock. She kept touching the GPS screen causing an error in the coordinates and driving the guy completely batty.
  • Episode Stats
    Detour: Care Package or Engine Care. In Care Package, teams needed to make a 500 pound care package for an Air Force air drop training exercise. In Engine Care, teams needed to scour clean a B-52 engine and wing flap.
    Roadblock: Who’s ready to search far and wide? One team member needed to perform a search and rescue operation using a handheld device to find an officer, then find a clearing, then set off a flare to get the attention of a helicopter.
    Fast Forward: None.
    Intersection: None.
    Yield: None.
    Pit Stop: Fort Soledad, Guam.

    Smartest Play: Dustin (of The Beauty Queens) for knowing how to use the GPS at the Roadblock.
    Dumbest Play: Team Prada for having no sense of direction. They couldn’t find the Naval base and were passed by Team Schmirna after the Detour.
    Balls of the Week: None.
    Funniest Moment: Charla continuously fucking up and touching the screen at the Roadblock. I think that the army guy with her wanted to actually hit her.

    Pick to Win: The Beauty Queens (Currently in 1st Place)

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