Uchenna & Joyce Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Poland to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All teams chose sensible connections through Paris except for Uchenna & Joyce which chose a connection with only a one-hour layover in Frankfurt. You would think that after hearing the horror story from the last episode that they would have shied away from the tight connection. Instead they went for it, and it cost them dearly.

Uchenna & Joyce were so far back after missing their connection that the entire episode was about the remaining four teams. I totally forgot about Uchenna & Joyce stuck in Frankfurt until the very end of the episode. At least the race organizers sent them straight to the Pit Stop after landing in Malaysia to put them out of their misery. Surely it was because Phil needed to start heading to the next Pit Stop.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

  • “We don’t resort to dirty game play like that” said Mirna at the beginning of the episode. Haha. Crazy ass bitch must be living in her own reality. They are turning out to be one of the dirtiest teams on the race. In fact, in the next scene they hogged the two computers at the hotels and refused to let Eric & Danielle use one of them.
  • “Touché Eric has a point” said Mirna after Eric said they needed to wait at the airport as payback for their computer stunt. It’s shocking that she would even acknowledge any fault of her own, since she has played the victim for the entire race.
  • “Our life depends on it” said Uchenna to the airline representative on the phone trying to make the connecting flight in Frankfurt. The rep must have said “You are dead then” because they were not allowed on the flight. This sealed their fate.
  • “They definitely don’t need a Stairmaster in their country” said Mirna, because you know, there are no fucking stairs in the United States!
  • “That’s a lot of damn cookies” said Charla when she saw the cookie Detour. Yeah, there was about three times her body volume in cookies on a table. Needless to say, they didn’t find the cookie. Hahaha!
  • “That monkey is like crazy, you want to push him off?” One of the Beauty Queens said of a monkey at the first clue box in Malaysia. I was totally hoping to see the monkey attack one of them, but it was only lip service. I don’t think they would have “shocked the monkey” they would have just pissed him off.
  • “We’re not going to Yield anybody” said Mirna because they are probably afraid to stir more ill-will from the other team members. They probably feel that they may already be killed in the middle of the night by the other teams at the Pit Stop. Why push it!?
  • “The licorice center is faster” said Danny confidently in choosing the cookie Detour. They would instead fuck around changing their mind about the Detour twice before finally completing the Artistic Expression Detour. They must have wasted over an hour with their bitching. Danny didn’t even understand that they were looking for a single cookie, not a cookie box. Tragic!
  • “Why would they yield us” aked Danielle. “Cause they’re dirty pirate hookers” said Eric after finding out they were yielded by the Beauty Queens. I never thought of the Beauty Queens as pirates, but I can totally see it now!
  • “I smell Phil” said the Beauty Queens as they ran to the mat. Which begs the question, what does Phil smell like? I think from chillin’ at spas waiting for the teams that he smells like equal parts of eucalyptus and bananas.
  • Danny was so exhausted in doing the Roadblock task that he went to a store to buy their newspapers rather than pedal through the neighborhood to get the newspapers he needed to collect. Hilarious!
  • “Come here, I love you” said Danielle as she rubbed her boobs onto some teenage boy in exchange helping her with her damaged bike back to the end of the Roadblock. He was smiling the whole time too!
  • “Every Roadblock that is designed for a guy I am doing. And every Roadblock for a girl Eric does. He’s a woman!” said Danielle angrily as she pulled her damaged back to the finish line. Oh, Danielle you are so blind—that boy is gay!
  • Episode Stats

    Detour: Artistic Expression or Cookie Confection. In Artistic Expression, teams needed to use stencils and paint to decorate a piece of Malaysian cloth. In Cookie Confection, teams needed to search 600 boxes of cookies for a single cookie with a licorice center.

    Roadblock: Who’s ready for a part-time job? One team member needed to ride a three-wheeled bicycle through a neighborhood to collect a stack of recycled old newspapers eight feet high.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Intersection: None.

    Yield: None.

    Pit Stop: Carcosa Seri Negara Mansion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Smartest Play: The Beauty Queens for choosing the Artistic Expression Detour right off the bat.

    Dumbest Play: Team Prada for not figuring out what the hell they were doing in the Detour.

    Balls of the Week: None.

    Funniest Moment: Danny buying newspapers at a store instead of collecting it through the neighborhood.

    Pick to Win: The Beauty Queens (Currently in 1st Place)

    Next to Be Eliminated: Charla & Mirna (Still Hoping!)

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    1. My favorite quote / funniest moment was “Are we in love again?” “Let’s not go there yet.” from Team Prada.

      #1 by Larry — April 10, 2007 @ 2:40 pm

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