Team Prada Marked

In this episode, teams made their way from Hong Kong to Macau and did several tasks, including an amazing Roadblock at the Macau Tower. There were no long plane trips or airports on this leg of the race, just good old fashioned hustle to get from one place to another. Teams were at the mercy of navigational skills for this entire leg, whether their own or their taxi drivers’.

Eric & Danielle who were marked for elimination and yielded on this leg managed to miraculously make up the time. Danny & Oswald were completely screwed by their incompetent taxi driver. The taxi driver drove them to the wrong location on the Detour and the wrong park for the Pit Stop. Danny & Oswald were to blame as well. They wasted a lot of time unable to find the Dragon Detour destination on foot.

Danny & Oswald were lucky to find the last non-elimination leg. Instead they are now marked for elimination, but somehow I doubt that they will be able to run a flawless leg to get to first place. They also will not run a leg like the one Eric & Danielle just ran. Team Prada is likely to go next, but I hope it’s Team Schmirna that goes.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

  • “We’re not going to be those people that are going to be stabbing someone in the back to qualify for the final three” said Oswald at the beginning of the race. A moment later they asked “Are we allowed to prostitute ourselves on the race?” Yes, the second prostitution reference by Team Prada and more than likely foreshadowing some form of “prostitution.”
  • “We have a little offer on the yield” said Team Prada to the Beauty Queens as they prostituted themselves for cash. The deal: Prada would yield anyone that the Beauty Queens said in exchange for $45 in cash. The Beauty Queens bought the yield and chose Eric & Danielle as their victims for the second time. This was a first.
  • “Your hair looks nice” said one of the Beauty Queens to Mirna in a tone that sounded more like “I think you are an evil bitch.” Mirna said “thanks” in a way that sounded like “fuck you…” No love lost between Mirna and the Beauty Queens.
  • Danny & Oswald kept their promise and yielded Eric & Danielle. Shmirna talked smack about the yield stating that “it didn’t make logical sense.” This was really funny since most of her decisions thus far have been devoid of much logic. Whatever.
  • “Like making a deal with the devil” is the way that Shmirna described the deal that Team Prada made with the Beauty Queens. Funny, being that Mirna is the devil and all.
  • “You guys are pieces of shit” yelled Eric to the photo of Team Prada when they found out that they were yielded for the second time. At this point, it didn’t look good for Danielle & Eric, they were as good as dead I thought.
  • Danielle ate shit as she walked through the gardens on the way to the Detour and Eric just laughed at her. Just the loving response you expect from your gay partner.
  • Oswald & Danny were screwed by a taxi driver that couldn’t drive them to the beginning of the Dragon Detour task. Then, after they got to the beginning of the Detour, they got lost walking the 3/4 of a mile to the end of the Detour. They had a major breakdown, considering that they were the first team to pickup the Detour clue.
  • Team Shmirna screwed up their Detour almost as badly as Oswald & Danny. Mirna totally berated Charla at the Detour even though she was the one making the noodles she somehow made it Charla’s fault that they made the noodles wrong several times. Due to editing, we’ll never know how long they were actually there.
  • “Can you drive the car today for us please that would be so nice” said Mirna to Charla when she couldn’t figure out how to drive the car provided to get to the Pit Stop. What a condescending bitch!
  • Episode Stats

    Roadblock: Sky Jump. One team member needed to walk around the observation deck of the Macau Tower and then perform a Sky Jump (a 660 ft. jump using a steel wire assisted permanent descender) from the top of the tower to the street level below.

    Detour: Noodle or Dragon. In Noodle, teams needed to make two bundles of noodles. In Dragon, teams needed carry a dragon head and a drum to a dragon boat at a dock 3/4 of a mile away.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Intersection: None.

    Yield: Yes, Danny & Oswald yielded Eric & Danielle at the behest of the Beauty Queens. This was the first time that a Yield has been sold in race history.

    Pit Stop: Triho de Taipa Pequena 2000 Park, Taipa Island, Macau, China.

    Smartest Play: Eric & Danielle making noodles correctly the first time.

    Dumbest Play: Danny & Oswald for keeping their incompetent taxi driver for the entire leg. If they would have dumped that fool they would have beat Eric & Danielle.

    Balls of the Week: Charla for not strangling Mirna, seriously!

    Funniest Moment: Mirna not being able to drive the stick on their provided car.

    Pick to Win: The Beauty Queens (Currently in 1st Place)

    Next to Be Eliminated: Charla & Mirna (Still Hoping!)

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