I am married so I can’t really say that they are evil. Nevertheless, I saw a printout of this earlier today and had to post the theorem because it’s nothing short of genius. Here’s the basic logic:

First, we establish that girls require time and money:
girls = time x money

And, as we all know “time is money”:
time = money

Therefore we can now state that:
girls = money x money = (money)²

And, because “money is the root of all evil”:
money = √evil

Therefore we can now state that:
girls = (√evil)²

So we have to conclude that:
girls = evil

Just like I said, the guy (or girl) that wrote this up had a stroke of genius.

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  1. piss off, this is my formula it’s simple
    soz if i sound harsh but jeez i’m a women whaadya
    BY the way your wife should give you a right earful

    :) :)

    #1 by Sabah — February 18, 2008 @ 11:06 am

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