Some of you may remember Michael Crook. He is the lame ass that sent DCMA notices to 10 Zen Monkeys, BoingBoing, and others trying to get his own ugly ass picture down from those websites even though the copyright for the image was owned by Fox News. In addition to being a serial abuser of copyright law, crook is a racist and a holocaust denier. On his various websites, he has claimed to hate the military, Jews, homosexuals, immigrants, non-whites and children.

Needless to say, this guy is a loser. The EFF eventually filed suit against Crook and reached a settlement with him last week:

“[The agreement requires Crook] to 1) take a course on copyright law basics; 2) never again file any cease and desist notices concerning the image of him on Fox News; 3) withdraw each and every DMCA notice he served regarding the image; 4) refrain from filing any DMCA notices for 5 years unless the material in question is personally authored, photographed or originated by him; 5) include in any DMCA notice during that 5 year period, URLs pointing to the EFF’s web page summarizing [the] case; 6) turn over ownership of any domain names to Jeff Diehl and 10 Zen Monkeys if he is caught violating any of the terms of the agreement.”

Finally, he had to apologize to those he harassed, which was pretty much the Internet at large, via a video which is now posted at 10 Zen Monkeys (scroll to the bottom of the linked page). Justice is served.

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