In Belgium, you can rent a dinner table suspended on a crane 150 feet in the air for a dinner event. The table seats 22 people and the dinner may last up to 8 hours. The cost for the rental of the table, including all transportation, security, hostess, wait staff, location scouting, location rental, photographer, power, and music, is €11,995. Oh yeah, that doesn’t actually include the food or the 21% VAT tax. It’s like Six Flags ride meets French Laundry. Check out the video on their website–this is crazy!

At those prices, it’s certainly a once in a lifetime experience. You are way better off renting a capsule on the London Eye for eight hours and catering a dinner in there. Hey, I bet that would be really cool. It would be way cheaper, only £332 every half hour plus food and VAT. The other advantage of doing it at the London Eye is that guests could get on or off at will to go to the bathroom. For some reason the Dinner in the Sky video doesn’t address bathroom breaks.

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