Uchenna & Joyce Marked for Elimination

At the beginning of this episode, teams were immediately bunched up waiting for a chair lift to take them up to a glacier in the morning. I hate it when this happens. Teams that were five hours ahead all of the sudden have their lead taken away. Teams searched through a glacier for buried avalanche beacons to find their next clue. Even though Danny & Oswald were first to leave the Pit Stop, they were the last team to find the clue at the glacier.

The clue at the glacier advised all teams to travel to Maputo, Mozambique. And wouldn’t you know it!? Teams were again bunched up on the same flight to Africa! That just pisses me off! There’s no reason why the race producers can’t let teams maintain some of the bigger leads. I’d like to see the faster teams with 12-hour plus leads on the other teams. That would be pretty cool.

In any case, one Roadblock with rats and a Detour later and Uchenna & Joyce came in last place. Luckily for them, this was a non-elimination leg and they would continue in the race but are “marked for elimination.” This means that if they don’t come in first place they will incur a 30-minute penalty upon reaching the Pit Stop. Typically, that means adios amigos in the race.

The previews for next week showed Eric & Danielle being pulled off a plane after they had been seated. I am not sure why a team would be pulled off a plane, but I guess we’ll find out next week. Needless to say, the previews showed Danielle in hysterics after the incident. I can tell that next week will be a pretty good episode.

Here are the highlights for this episode:

  • “The other teams were very happy that we were the ones to beat Rob & Amber and kick them out of this Amazing Race” said Mirna proudly as if she had anything to do with knocking out Rob & Amber. Rob & Amber beat themselves, well mostly Rob, they made mistakes and paid for it. Get over yourself Mirna.
  • “Where’s our beacon” asked the Beauty Queens when they got to the glacier. In a total blonde moment they walked right past their beacon detector gear. These guys are acting so lame that I may have to change my pick to win. Blondes!
  • “You need to watch your speed, guy…you need to watch your jokes, guy” said Joe from Team Guido to Eric after they almost passed on the way to the Roadblock. Whatever, I have to agree with Eric & Danielle on this one. Team Guido is acting like a bunch of bipolar freaks and are taking themselves way too seriously. I can’t wait to see them go.
  • “You look like a faggy raccoon” said Oswald of Danny after doing the Porter Detour because he had coal all over his face and around his eyes. Pretty funny.
  • “I’m hugging you!” yelled Oswald at Phil at the Pit Stop. Phil replied “No way!” and started running away from Oswald because he was dirty with coal from doing the Porter Detour. It was awesome and funny as hell to watch.
  • Episode Stats

    Roadblock: Who smells a rat? One team member must guide a trained rat to find a deactivated land mine to get their next clue.

    Detour: Pamper or Porter. In Pamper, teams had to get nail polish kits and convince people on the street to allow them to paint their nails to raise $1.00 to get their next clue. In Porter, teams had to fill ten 45 pound bags with coals, sew them shut, and carry them to a specified address to get their next clue.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Pit Stop: Fortaleza, Maputo, Mozambique.

    Smartest Play: Charla & Mirna and the Beauty Queens for choosing the Pamper Detour.

    Dumbest Play: The Beauty Queens not taking their avalanche gear to the glacier. Blondes!

    Balls of the Week: None.

    Funniest Moment: Phil being chased by Oswald at the Pit Stop.

    Pick to Win: The Beauty Queens (Currently in 2nd Place)

    Next to Be Eliminated: Charla & Mirna.

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