Coal Miners Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way to another city in Chile called Puerto Montt. Rob & Amber had almost a full hour lead ahead of the pack of other teams. The Beauty Queens made an uneasy alliance with Teri & Ian. The Coal Miners were teary-eyed in the pre-leg interview thinking about the Cho Brothers. Please! It’s a race not summer camp!

Rob & Amber got some locals to help them find an Internet connection almost immediately. They actually found a travel agent slash internet café that was open all night and were able to get on the earliest flight connection. They booked their tickets before all of the other teams. All of the other teams headed over to the airport directly and ended up confirmed on a connection that was an hour later.

The leading teams landing in Puerto Montt were Rob & Amber, Team Guido, Uchenna & Joyce, and Eric & Danielle. The teams that were one hour behind managed to catch the other teams at the Roadblock, which was pretty brutal. One team member had to carry stinky fish for over an hour, not cool. Leaving the Roadblock, the order of the leading teams were Uchenna & Joyce, Team Guido, Rob & Amber, and Eric & Danielle.

Team Guido didn’t write down the clue at the bottom of the fish tank properly and looked like they were out of it. Luckily for them they found the last place team Charla & Mirna and were still in it. The Beauty Queens performed the river rafting Detour without picking up the Detour clue. Teri fell into the water at while doing the river rafting. There were tons of rookie mistakes by many teams on this leg. They didn’t look like all-stars at all.

When the Beauty Queens reached the Pit Stop they couldn’t be checked in as team number four because they missed a clue. They went back for the clue and came back to the Pit Stop and they were still team number four. No teams checked into the Pit Stop while they went back for their clue. It looked like seeing the beauty queens go in the opposite direction scared the fifth and sixth place teams into going in the wrong direction.

Ultimately though, the Coal Miners missing the sign to Petrohue was a mistake that was too big to overcome. Even with all the mistakes made by all of the other teams, the Coal Miners couldn’t make up the time deficit of driving in the wrong direction.

The previews for next week looked really good. Apparently there will be a grueling foot race leading to the Pit Stop that will have Mirna dragging Charla uphill. Supposedly, it’s the “ending that will have everybody talking.” We’ll see.

Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • “They’re funny. They wiggled and jiggled around the world, and that’s totally cool with me” said Ian of the Beauty Queens. I’ll bet you dirty old man! Jiggled!?
  • “This is my counter. Do not speak to my person while he is helping me” screamed Teri as she gave Mirna a butt check. Charla & Mirna tried to rudely interrupt the gate agent while Teri & Ian were being helped. So rude!
  • “Be the fish, become the fish” said Oswald to Danny as encouragement just seconds before Danny fell face first carrying a container full of fish. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • “Use your boobs” yelled Eric to Danielle as she ran with a fish container pulled into her chest at the Roadblock. I don’t know why he has to be such a dick to her.
  • Mirna was actually in tears afraid of the fish at the beginning of the Roadblock.
  • “What was that Pah- Peh-?” said David. “Just go!” snapped Mary as the Coal Miners passed the sign for Petrohue. This sealed their fate.
  • “Ha ha ha, Charla is going to be in love” said Oswald when he saw a male little person at the Pit Stop.
  • Charla was tossed around the river raft like a rag doll and made the funniest face at one point that I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Thanks to the power of TiVo I was able to see that scene more than once.
  • Charla & Mirna left their car keys in their change tent and had to return for them after the Detour but it wasn’t enough to allow the Coal Miners to catch up. The Coal Miners were eliminated.
  • Episode Stats

    Roadblock: Who can handle a slippery situation? One team member needed to catch and transfer 80 fish from one huge tank to another to get their next clue.

    Detour: Vertical Limit or River Wild. In Vertical Limit, teams needed to perform a 40 foot rock climb for their next clue. In River Wild, teams needed to complete a 2 ½ mile river rafting course.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Pit Stop: Playa Petrohue, Chile.

    Smartest Play: The Beauty Queens figuring out where they needed to get their missing clue very quickly. It was an amazing recovery after a very bad mistake.

    Dumbest Play: Team Guido not writing the full clue after the Roadblock.

    Balls of the Week: Teri falling out of the river raft into rapids and acting like it was no thing.

    Funniest Moment: Danny eating shit face first while carrying a container of fish.

    Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently in 1st Place)

    Next to Be Eliminated: Charla & Mirna.

    I totally called the Coal Miners being eliminated and I am two-for-two on the elimination predictions. If Charla & Mirna go next week I’ll have three in a row.

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