Mama and I are off to Vegas for the weekend to relax, gamble, and watch a couple of shows. Our friends Santiago and Belinda will meet us there to join in the fun. We have been planning this trip for months and are very excited that the day is finally here. See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya!

You can’t pretend to be an Internet expert and use a Hotmail account at the same time, according to a Spanish consultancy firm. I have to agree with that, since I work for a large consultancy myself. I would never put a Hotmail address on my resume, but then again I have my own domain. Via BoingBoing.

Microsoft announces the release of an Xbox 360 Elite console which will retail for $479.99, is black in color, and boasts a 120GB hard drive and an HDMI connection.

In reading a recent interview with Quentin Tarentino for his new movie Grindhouse, he refers to the Carson Twin Cinema theatres in Carson as a place he used to watch movies when he was a kid. This sparked a bit of nostalgia in me, as I used to also go to the Carson Twin almost every weekend to watch movies from 1984 to 1986. Granted, this was about eight years or so after Tarantino, but surely the theatre had not changed in that time, it wasn’t even remodeled!

My mom used to drop me off at the Carson Twin on her way to the Samerika Bingo parlor that was located just down the street, at Avalon Blvd. and 223rd Street. The theatre was located on Avalon Blvd. at the North end of a dilapidated strip mall called the Scottsdale Shopping Center that was located at the intersection of Scottsdale Drive. The theatre itself was a separate box shaped building adjacent to this sleezy Ranchero Mexican Bar that was located at the end of the strip mall. I remember seeing the scantily clad “bar ladies” getting dropped off in the early evening by their “boyfriends” or pimps, I’m not sure which.

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George and Gracie, the two peregrine falcons that used to live on the 33rd floor ledge of the PG&E building and even had their own webcam, have moved to a perilous nest located under the Bay Bridge. If their young hatch there they must certainly will die because the high winds under the bridge will blow the young birds into the water or onto the Embarcadero roadway to be flattened. Instead, scientists will climb to the nest on Friday to retrieve the eggs so that they may hatch at UC Santa Cruz.

I don’t normally comment on American Idol, but I know feel that Sanjaya must die. Even Gwen Stefani had to make fun of him prior to his performance, exclaiming “I feel for him…it’s a hard song and he chose it so good luck for him tonight!” He proceeded to sing the song so terribly that the judges were speechless at the end. He even forgot some of the words during the performance!

Omagah, he sucked soooo hard in tonight’s performance. I mean, he normally sucks, but he sucked especially hard tonight. He was wearing a weird faux hawk hairdo, but that wasn’t the worst of it–the singing was fucking atrocious. American Idol is still a singing competition isn’t it!? America, please vote this embarrassment off the show or I will have to boycott watching it.

Chinese reserve wants to turn panda poop into paper. Apparently the 40 pandas in the reserve can generate 2 tons (4,000 lbs.) of poop a day! That’s an average of 100 lbs. of poop per panda per day. That’s a lot of poop to scoop. Hey, it rhymes!

The Board of Supes will vote today on a ban of petroleum-based plastic bags in all supermarkets and pharmacies in the city. This would make San Francisco the first city in the nation to enact such a ban. The grocer’s association is pissed.

A poisonous frog the size of a football weighing two pounds was found in Australia.

Teri & Ian Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Mozambique to Tanzania. Getting to Tanzania however was no easy task. There was one direct flight from Mozambique to Tanzania that was full so all of the teams except Charla & Mirna decided to get on standby for that flight. Charla & Mirna went to Johannesburg to get a connecting flight to Tanzania. When the other teams failed to get on standby, Charla & Mirna looked like geniuses for heading to Johannesburg.

All of the teams now had to make their way to Tanzania through Johannesburg, but connecting flights were all running at near capacity. Teams were on standby lists on these flights, but only a few teams got on the connecting flights. Charla & Mirna, Uchenna & Joyce, the Beauty Queens, and Oswald & Danny all made it to Tanzania the first day.

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A twenty-something couple fell off a cruise ship into the Gulf of Mexico. They fell over 60 feet and were in the water for over 4 hours before being rescued. The cruise ship circled back after the couple’s friends informed the captain that they had gone overboard. Surprisingly, the couple is fine. Luckily for them, they were in warm water and did not suffer hypothermia and die.

People are increasingly being jacked for their iPods in San Francisco.

A Japanese billionaire has selected the first four of eight Native Hawaiian families that will each rent one of his multimillion-dollar homes in the exclusive oceanside Kahala area for $150 per month. The furnished Kahala Avenue homes were purchased in 2005 for $2 million to $3.4 million each. Nice.

A tech support guy in Alaska accidentally formatted a drive and its backup only to find that it contained scanned data on the oil-funded accounts of all of Alaska’s residents. Once he realized his mistake, he found that the tape backups of the drives were unreadable [insert laughter here]. The oil-funded accounts are the cash that all Alaskan residents get for living in the state. The state had to scramble to manually rescan the forms that were lost at a cost of $200,000 in overtime and consulting assistance. Sad.

Uchenna & Joyce Marked for Elimination

At the beginning of this episode, teams were immediately bunched up waiting for a chair lift to take them up to a glacier in the morning. I hate it when this happens. Teams that were five hours ahead all of the sudden have their lead taken away. Teams searched through a glacier for buried avalanche beacons to find their next clue. Even though Danny & Oswald were first to leave the Pit Stop, they were the last team to find the clue at the glacier.

The clue at the glacier advised all teams to travel to Maputo, Mozambique. And wouldn’t you know it!? Teams were again bunched up on the same flight to Africa! That just pisses me off! There’s no reason why the race producers can’t let teams maintain some of the bigger leads. I’d like to see the faster teams with 12-hour plus leads on the other teams. That would be pretty cool.

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Some of you may remember Michael Crook. He is the lame ass that sent DCMA notices to 10 Zen Monkeys, BoingBoing, and others trying to get his own ugly ass picture down from those websites even though the copyright for the image was owned by Fox News. In addition to being a serial abuser of copyright law, crook is a racist and a holocaust denier. On his various websites, he has claimed to hate the military, Jews, homosexuals, immigrants, non-whites and children.

Needless to say, this guy is a loser. The EFF eventually filed suit against Crook and reached a settlement with him last week:

“[The agreement requires Crook] to 1) take a course on copyright law basics; 2) never again file any cease and desist notices concerning the image of him on Fox News; 3) withdraw each and every DMCA notice he served regarding the image; 4) refrain from filing any DMCA notices for 5 years unless the material in question is personally authored, photographed or originated by him; 5) include in any DMCA notice during that 5 year period, URLs pointing to the EFF’s web page summarizing [the] case; 6) turn over ownership of any domain names to Jeff Diehl and 10 Zen Monkeys if he is caught violating any of the terms of the agreement.”

Finally, he had to apologize to those he harassed, which was pretty much the Internet at large, via a video which is now posted at 10 Zen Monkeys (scroll to the bottom of the linked page). Justice is served.

Mama and I are heading up to Tahoe for five days of fun in the snow. I have brand new ski boots and poles that I will use to rent some demo skis while I’m on the mountain. That’s right, I am totally done with snowboarding. I just *hate* being stuck in the flats and having to undo my bindings to kick until there’s an incline. Oh, how I missed my ski poles. You would think that breaking my wrist was the last straw, but in reality it was the flats that brought me back to skiing.

Rob & Amber Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way to the city of Punta Arenas, Chile. Rob & Amber are the team to beat and the producers made it a point to have several teams say that on the pre-race interviews. This led me to believe that they were vulnerable on this episode. Call it a premonition or something, but I just knew something bad was going to happen to Rob & Amber. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that they would come in last place and be eliminated.

Rob & Amber chose to perform the Sign It Detour because Rob said “I’m good at building things.” Well, not really. Amber asked him to switch the task early in the Detour and Rob wanted to prove something by doing it. This was shocking to me because the Navigate It task seemed so much easier. All of the teams that chose that task were the first ones at the airport for the chartered flight to Argentina. Surely this would be an omen of things to come for Rob & Amber.

Mirna had a near mental breakdown doing the Sign It Detour and just ripped Charla a new one. Interestingly, Mirna wants to control exactly how things are done and lacks the emotional maturity to communicate to her cousin as an adult. I felt bad for the midget in this one. Mirna turned into a crazy bitch while yelling at Charla.

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I am married so I can’t really say that they are evil. Nevertheless, I saw a printout of this earlier today and had to post the theorem because it’s nothing short of genius. Here’s the basic logic:

First, we establish that girls require time and money:
girls = time x money

And, as we all know “time is money”:
time = money

Therefore we can now state that:
girls = money x money = (money)²

And, because “money is the root of all evil”:
money = √evil

Therefore we can now state that:
girls = (√evil)²

So we have to conclude that:
girls = evil

Just like I said, the guy (or girl) that wrote this up had a stroke of genius.

Coal Miners Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way to another city in Chile called Puerto Montt. Rob & Amber had almost a full hour lead ahead of the pack of other teams. The Beauty Queens made an uneasy alliance with Teri & Ian. The Coal Miners were teary-eyed in the pre-leg interview thinking about the Cho Brothers. Please! It’s a race not summer camp!

Rob & Amber got some locals to help them find an Internet connection almost immediately. They actually found a travel agent slash internet café that was open all night and were able to get on the earliest flight connection. They booked their tickets before all of the other teams. All of the other teams headed over to the airport directly and ended up confirmed on a connection that was an hour later.

The leading teams landing in Puerto Montt were Rob & Amber, Team Guido, Uchenna & Joyce, and Eric & Danielle. The teams that were one hour behind managed to catch the other teams at the Roadblock, which was pretty brutal. One team member had to carry stinky fish for over an hour, not cool. Leaving the Roadblock, the order of the leading teams were Uchenna & Joyce, Team Guido, Rob & Amber, and Eric & Danielle.

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Newsom’s stalker was arrested in San Ramon a few days ago on suspicion of burglary and for trying to run someone over with his car in San Ramon. It didn’t have anything to do with the mayor.

In Belgium, you can rent a dinner table suspended on a crane 150 feet in the air for a dinner event. The table seats 22 people and the dinner may last up to 8 hours. The cost for the rental of the table, including all transportation, security, hostess, wait staff, location scouting, location rental, photographer, power, and music, is €11,995. Oh yeah, that doesn’t actually include the food or the 21% VAT tax. It’s like Six Flags ride meets French Laundry. Check out the video on their website–this is crazy!

At those prices, it’s certainly a once in a lifetime experience. You are way better off renting a capsule on the London Eye for eight hours and catering a dinner in there. Hey, I bet that would be really cool. It would be way cheaper, only £332 every half hour plus food and VAT. The other advantage of doing it at the London Eye is that guests could get on or off at will to go to the bathroom. For some reason the Dinner in the Sky video doesn’t address bathroom breaks.

A man checked into an Irish motel with a donkey. No, really! So, of course, the donkey went berserk in the middle of the night. When the cops busted in, they found the man, described as “lonely,” dressed in latex and wearing handcuffs. Hmmn. So it appeared that the donkey had good reason for going berserk. Wouldn’t you!? Who says donkeys are dumb!? You’d probably start tearing the place up too if you saw homeboy putting on a his gimp outfit while looking at you funny!

Alas, the man was charged with cruelty to animals and fined €2000 for violating the Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act of 1837. They couldn’t charge him with lewd behavior for “lack of evidence.” Oh, it hurts from laughing and I have to stop! You’ll just have to read the article for yourself. There’s a “super rabbit” comment in it that almost made me pee my pants. You just can’t make this stuff up!