Crazy San Mateo Woman

A woman in San Mateo has covered the roof of her house, her garage door, and her car with what she claims are messages from God. According to the story, the messages are a barely intelligible garble involving cloning, abuse, rape, the Mafia, Castro, Hitler, the Constitution, hurricane Katrina, Watergate and President Bush. Sometimes, she starts reading her messages to the world using a loudspeaker on her car. Lovely!

She started doing this in early 2006 after her husband moved out and she lost custody of her son. Gee, I wonder why her husband would leave her!? Perhaps it’s because she’s nuts and wanted to get away from her. Now, the city of San Mateo has ordered her to take down the messages from her roof or face fines of $50 per day starting in late March. Will that be enough to stop the messages!? Stay tuned.

All I can say is that car is fucking priceless! I almost want to drive to her house to take a picture of it before she goes to jail. This type of crazy just doesn’t happen every day.

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  1. I just noticed on her front right bumper has! Do you think she’s sponsored!? With all the press she’s been getting and the people that drive by her house just to see it, she should sell ad space on it. Surely she could generate more than the $50 per day she would be fined, right!?

    #1 by Nugget — February 28, 2007 @ 4:17 pm

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