Ruby Rippey-Tourk © Luke Thomas

A huge shocker hit the Chronicle this morning. Apparently, Gavin Newsom was sleeping with his Chief of Staff’s wife about a year and a half ago, while he was in the middle of divorce proceedings with Kimberly. Alex Tourk, who is now Gavin’s campaign manager quit the campaign abrubtly after the affair was brought to light. His wife, Ruby Rippey-Tourk (pictured here), confessed to the affair as part of some substance abuse program (oh, tragic)!

This is about loyalty. The saddest thing in this is that Gavin betrayed a guy that was very close to him, even hanging out with him at times, by sleeping with his wife. I think after the divorce Gavin would have bagged anything that moved, but his friend’s wife!? This is a self-destructive side of Gavin that we had not seen before.

There’s also rumors about a pregnancy that “went away” and a possible sexual harassment case that may be stemming from this brouhaha (oh, even more tragic)! Damn, the mayor’s life is turning into quite the soap opera.

Update: Newsom Apologizes at Press Conference

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