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If you have been to San Francisco’s shopping district, between Union Square and the Westfield Shopping Center, you’ve more than likely seen Edward Jackson. Jackson is the energetic power tap dancer that sets up shop to dance near the cable car turnaround at the end of Powell Street. He has been a fixture in San Francisco for the last eight years but will be leaving the city next Saturday.

Unfortunately, our city is no longer the best place for street performers like Jackson, who depend on the generosity of strangers to make a living. The situation is surely amplified by our homeless problem. Thanks to the chronic homeless, it seems people are less willing to reach into their pockets nowadays, even to support great performers like Jackson. Jackson has been forced to leave for economic reasons.

He will be missed. When my wife and I have out-of-town guests, we make sure to visit Union Square and one of the attractions is catching a Jackson performance while we pass the cable car turnaround. His energy and enthusiasm has been an asset to this city and his performances have been enjoyed by tourists and San Franciscans alike. I wasn’t surprised that he was cast for the promotional trailer of the 2004 San Francisco International Film Festival. He is talented.

Over the past few weeks Jackson’s ex-girlfriend has been lobbying Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office to give him a Certificate of Honor for his contributions to the city before he leaves for Australia. If you have enjoyed one of Jackson’s performances over the years, you should consider an email. Letters in support of Jackson can be sent to the mayor’s liaison Jason Chan at jason.chan@sfgov.org.

Also, if you are in town next Saturday, stop by and wish Jackson luck on his world tour.


  1. Yeah, I think that America is tapped out. Maybe someone will catch Paris Hilton secretly tapping in a dark hotel room- “Paris’s Secret Obsession”-or J-Lo will introduce a salsa tap in time for the Latin Grammy program. Short of that, well… It’s sad to seem him go. I passed by him almost everyday on my way up the hill from work- this is the time to cue “TAPS”.

    #1 by Steve Thompson — February 12, 2007 @ 9:39 am

  2. Big Ups! to Mr. Jackson. He is doing his thing and now the world will know!!

    #2 by Fru — February 14, 2007 @ 5:04 am

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