An astronaut caught in a crazy love triangle decided to go on a road trip, wearing diapers to minimize bathroom stops, to kidnap and possibly murder her rival. Lisa Nowak was caught by police after she tried to pepper spray her rival, Colleen Shipman, in a parking garage. Shipman managed to escape the assault and called police.

Police found Nowak at a bus stop and arrested her. They found a bag in her vehicle with a tan trench coat, a new steel mallet, a new folding knife with a 4-inch blade, 3 to 4 feet of rubber tubing, several large plastic garbage bags and about $600 in cash. Police also found a half dozen latex gloves, MapQuest directions from Houston to Orlando International Airport, e-mails detailing the affair, the diapers she wore to reduce stops along the highway and a letter indicating how much she loved her man, Bill Oefelein. Well, you can’t say she wasn’t prepared to kill her. Those astronauts sure know how to plan.

So, all three of them are astronauts–that’s a bizarre love triangle for sure! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, a woman astronaut scorned is even scarier because they tend to be very calm and methodical. I am surprised she wasn’t able to execute a perfect murder. NASA must be really losing their edge. Astronauts just aren’t as smart, or as sane, as they used to be.

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