Kevin & Drew Eliminated

The first thing we find out on this episode of the race is that during the Pit Stop, Drew couldn’t catch his breath and needed to get oxygen a total of four times due to altitude sickness. It’s funny that they mentioned this, showed Drew getting oxygen for about 20 seconds, and abruptly continued with the race. You can tell that the producers are concerned that Drew may knock himself out of the race for medical reasons.

The first clue advised the teams to make their way from Ecuador to Santiago, Chile. All teams made their way through to a flight from Lima, Peru to Santiago, but Rob & Amber and Team Prada did not make the flight due to a delay in their connecting flight. This essentially took Rob & Amber from first place to last place. All of the teams went to a Roadblock that was open in the middle of the night. Awesome!

The Roadblock was a hard ass puzzle that allowed Team Prada and Rob & Amber to get to sixth and seventh place. Ultimately it didn’t matter since all of the teams were bunched up on the same flight to Calama, Chile. The interesting thing about this is that it didn’t allow the teams to sleep through the night. It was a flight, followed by a Roadblock, and immediately followed by another flight.

You could tell that teams were really tired while going through this leg because they made a lot of mistakes. Ultimately, it was Kevin & Drew’s misunderstanding of the final clue that did them in. They were confused about the speed limit and let other teams pass them on the way to the Pit Stop.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

  • “Who says Gay men can’t drive…it’s gay four-wheelin’” said Team Guido as they left the Pit Stop. They may actually be too gay for their own good this time around.
  • Oh, it might be chilly in Chile” said Mirna as they left the Pit Stop and right before they god stuck in the mud. Luckily, the Coal Miners towed their car out of the mud and they were on their way.
  • Kevin & Drew got stuck in the mud in the same spot that Charla & Mirna did earlier in the episode. Kevin actually towed the car out by tying the tow strap around his waist. Unfortunately, Drew forgot that Kevin was attached to the car and almost ran him over in the process.
  • Drew pulled the Coal Miners bags out of where they stowed them on the plane in a childish gesture. He was pissed that they were stowing their bags near the front of the plane. What a lamer!
  • “Oh, my God I feel like such a bitch” said Oswald as he cried while traveling through the Valley of the Moon.
  • Immediately after Phil said “Kevin & Drew, you are the last team to arrive,” Drew said “that’s alright” and started walking away! Phil had to tell him “Can you just stay right here, please…I am sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race!” Do whatever you want, but don’t disrespect Phil you bastard!
  • Drew starting crying and complaining at the Pit Stop “I can’t breathe, my back hurts, that’s it! My feet hurt from drivin’, my voice is goin’!” Cry me a river you sore loser bitch! I can’t believe that this guy was so rude to Phil and the crew at the Pit Stop!
  • Episode Stats

    Detour: By Hand or By Machine. In By Hand teams had to put the nuts on the lugs of a two-ton tire. In By Machine, each team member needed to take turns driving a front loader truck.

    Roadblock: Who has attention to detail? One team member needed to enter a boardroom and figure out a puzzle—their next destination—to get their next clue.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Pit Stop: Valley of the Dead, Chile.

    Smartest Play: Rob & Amber for going from first place to last place to first place in the same leg. Amazing.

    Dumbest Play: Kevin & Drew letting teams pass them because they were confused about the speed limit.

    Balls of the Week: Charla & Mirna finishing the Detour by putting the nuts on a two-ton tire.

    Funniest Moment: Kevin & Drew letting teams pass them because they were confused about the speed limit.

    Pick to Win: Rob & Amber (Currently in 1st Place)

    Next to Be Eliminated: The Coal Miners.

    I totally called Kevin & Drew to be eliminated after last week’s episode. Let’s see if the Coal Miners go next week and I can make it two-for-two.

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