The city’s board of supervisors are shocked to hear that the city’s 23,000 meters are making only $2.61 to $5.59 per day. Surprisingly, the lowest collection rates were in the core of downtown San Francisco, where drivers can drive around for an hour just trying to find a legal parking space and where meters cost as much as $3 an hour.

A city official blamed disabled parking placards, yellow loading zones, parking reserved for construction and motorcycles, and a shortage of parking enforcement officers for the low collection rates. Over the past three years, the city has collected an average of $77.6 million per year from the meters, but it is well below their forecast of $83.5 million.

The transit agency is planning to hire 50 meter maids in the fiscal year beginning July 1 to fill some of the 93 vacant positions. Nobody wants to be a meter maid in this city, since they get attacked very frequently. Just today, Assemblyman Mark Leno is introducing legislation that would make it a felony to assault a parking control officer anywhere in the state. Still finding more meter maids won’t be easy.

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