Tom Cruise has been singled out by Scientology leaders as the “Jesus Christ” of their pseudo-religious cult. That’s right, JC! According to The Sun in the UK, Cruise has been told he’s been “chosen to spread the word of his faith throughout the world.” The article goes on to say that “like Christ, he’s been criticized for his views…but future generations will realize he was right.”

Scientologists–crack smokers all of them. They are comparing Tom Cruise to the most influential man in the history of mankind. Christ has spawned religious texts and discussion for millenia. Tom Cruise wishes he was as influential as Jesus Christ. He’s destined to go down in history as another weird celebrity, behind Michael Jackson.

Here’s a link to my Scientology post from five years ago for reference. Be sure to go to and read up about these crazy mofos when you have the time.

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