The full team list for Amazing Race 11 (aka Amazing Race: All-Stars) was revealed on the CBS website last week. Some of my favorite teams returning are Team Guido from the original race, Team Prada (Oswald & Danny) from season 2, Rob & Amber from season 7, and Team Miss America from season 10.

As I looked through the team bios, I noticed the villains from season 3, Teri & Ian. Teri looks like a completely different person! Her face is so stretched after her apparent face lift that it’s a wonder her ears don’t touch on the back of her head. She looks really jacked on the group picture with all the teams. Also of note, Eric from the Frat Boy team and Danielle from Team Pink Hoes of season 9 have teamed up to form a new team which I’ve dubbed Team Frathoe.

One item of note is that even though the race is being dubbed as an All Stars edition, only one winning team is represented, Uchenna & Joyce. The only other teams that even cracked the final three in their respective seasons are runners-up Rob & Amber, Teri & Ian, and Eric (1/2 of the Frathoe team). None of the third place finishers are in the race. Either way, the mix of strong personalities almost surely guarantees a confrontation that will be fun to watch.

Tune into the start of the race on Sunday, February 18th at 8:00 PM on CBS!

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