A new bill in the Texas legislature would allow blind people to hunt. And not just with any old rifle, but with a snazzy rifle with laser sights. “This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that’s great,” said State Representative Edmund Kuempel who introduced the bill.

While that may sound crazy, here’s a possible explanation.

Blind people are not allowed to do a lot of things in life. They can’t drive, they can’t be airline pilots, surgeons, astronauts, major league pitchers, air traffic controllers, and a slew of other occupations that require good eyesight. Wouldn’t that make you mad? Mad enough to say, shoot somebody? Well, we all know that shooting people is illegal (unless you’re Dick Cheney), but shooting animals is fair game, right? This Texas lawmaker can foresee many angry blind people finding a buddy and a laser sighted rifle and having a blast shooting at things they can’t see!

Big ups to Lauren for sending me the link to this very real story (not The Onion).

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