Druggies Win The Race

For the first time in years, I was way too busy to write episode summaries for all of the episodes of the Amazing Race 10. I didn’t stop watching the show though! However, I couldn’t really call myself a fan if I didn’t write a synopsis of the thirteenth and final episode. First of all, I was sad to see Miss America eliminated fourth. I had thought that if those two made it into the final three they would have been the first all female team to win the race. They were the “great blonde hope.”

Although they were eliminated, Team Alabama was able to post a new achievement, as they were the first all female team to reach the final three. They were scrappy. Unfortunately, they were not strong enough to win the race and were relegated to finish a disappointing third well behind the other two teams. Ultimately, it was the Druggies that were able to pull it off. They had the most first place finishes of any other team on this race and came in first when it counted–at the finish line.

The Cho Brothers bugged the crap out of me because it seemed to me that they completely lacked a competitive drive. They seemed like they were in the race to make friends and not to win. While I can appreciate wanting to make friends on the race, it shouldn’t sap every bit of competitive drive from you in the process! I was glad to see them go. I certainly hope that the next Asian team on the race will be there to win the whole thing.

In the final leg, I was rooting for anyone other than Rob & Kim, so everything turned out fine. If they had won the race I would have been beside myself.

Overall, I would say that the race was pretty good this season with some amazing locales. Except for Kuwait, the desert looked pretty much like the desert everywhere there. Unlike Oman from the previous races, which looked a lot more lush by comparison. In any case, a good race indeed. As is the case after every race, I will be looking forward to the next one.

Here are the highlights from the final episode:

  • Kimberly said that the race has helped her “trusting in his decisions” when speaking of Rob. Which is the complete opposite as to what she showed in the previous episode, when she screamed “Listen to me!” at the tomato challenge. They are both a little crazy and immature so I guess they deserve each other.
  • Teams made their way to Paris which let everyone know that the finish line would most likely be in New York.
  • “Whatever dude!” There was a spat at the Barcelona airport when the Druggies thought they would miss the first flight to Paris. It’s funny to see people fight when they have a very limited vocabulary to explain how they feel. Whatever, dude!
  • Team Alabama caught a later flight to Orly Airport in Paris which put them in first place at the Eiffel Tower due to its proximity to the city. The look on Rob’s face when he realized that they got there first–priceless! The smartest play in this leg of the race.
  • Down for the count! Team Alabama was reading their clue when Kimberly ran in reaching for the clue box. She slid falling on her ass and pulling the clue box down with her. Icing on the cake: Alabama glanced back for a split second and thought “stupid, bitch” and then kept on reading.
  • “It might be skydiving, babe!” said Rob, but he didn’t choose to do it. Rob threw a hissy fit and almost cried when he realized that Kimberly would skydive at the Roadblock at Caen Airport after he said it might be skydiving. What a lamer! According to him, it’s the one thing that he really wanted to do on the race. Rob is such a baby! Whatever, dude!
  • Rob & Kimberly missed the first train back to Paris after the Roadblock and he was pissed! It was a non-issue anyway since they all caught up at a train change.
  • Surprisingly, all teams chose the Fashion challenge even though that seemed like the hardest of the two. I guess teams felt intimidated to navigate the Paris streets looking for someone and chose the other task instead. Don’t these people watch Project Runway? Making clothes ain’t easy!
  • Team Alabama missed the first flight from Paris to New York, sealing their third place finish.
  • The race was determined by a taxi driver. The Druggies got a better driver heading to the clue at the News Building and were able to get there before Rob & Kim. The Druggies’ driver had an E-Z Pass (the equivalent of a Bay Area FasTrak transponder) and skipped the toll lines on the highway heading into New York City–that made all the difference.
  • Although Rob & Kim seemed to make up time on the 2-mile foot race from the News Building to the East Village, the Druggies had lead that they were able to keep all the way to the finish line.

    Episode Stats

    Detour: Art or Fashion. In Art, teams had to carry a painting from a gallery to a street artist. In Fashion, teams had to cut, fit, and pin a jacket onto a mannequin.

    Roadblock: Who’s ready to storm the beach? One team member had to perform a tandem skydive while the other team member would ride on the plane and do a surprise nose dive.

    Other Physical Challenge(s): None.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Finish Line: St. Basel Academy, Garrison, New York.

    Final Tally: 4 Continents, 13 countries, and 40,000 miles.

    Balls of the Week: Kim for putting up with Rob for the whole leg without killing him.

    Dumbest Play: Team Alabama going to Orly Airport in Paris to try and get a direct flight to New York. They would have to go to Charles De Gaulle to catch a direct flight.

    Smartest Play: Team Alabama flying into Orly Airport in Paris from Barcelona.

    Funniest Moment: Kim blowing up on Rob in a taxi after he kept complaining about not skydiving. She was like “Shut the f*** up already!”


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