PS3 Campers

I took a picture of these fanboy losers guys at 2:45pm today. They were about 50th in line to buy a new shiny PS3 at the Sony Store at the Metreon and were passed out sleeping in the rain. In total, there were about 500 people in line in the rain to buy the systems and the Sony reps were setting up a professional lighting rig at the West entrance to Metreon (and the store). It’s going to be a circus atmosphere when the doors open at midnight. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had real honest-to-goodness fanfare with a brass section and everything!

It amazes me that our economy can sustain people that have stood in line since last night (i.e. no production), will do nothing all day today but sit or sleep in the rain (i.e. no production), and then shell out $600 plus for a gaming system when it goes on sale tonight (i.e. consume). Sadly for Sony, about half of these guys hope to sell the PS3 on Ebay for $1,000 or more. They are not even real fanboys! Still, all publicity is good publicity and the Sony marketing reps are taking photos in full force.

Don’t these guys know that it’s all about the Xbox 360and your Gamerscore!?

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