Bo Stefan Eriksson, the con man that milked millions from video game company, escaped charges of grand theft and fraudulent concealment when the jury in his trial became deadlocked 10-2. Eriksson gained worldwide notoriety when he crashed a red Ferrari Enzo doing over 160 MPH on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu earlier this year.

Eriksson was not charged with stealing the red Enzo he destroyed in that crash but of taking the two other sports cars that prosecutors said he acquired in England, a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and yet another black Ferrari Enzo. Prosecutors have already said that they would retry the case. He also faces trial on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm that authorities said they found when they searched his $6 million Bel-Air home in March.

Sadly, this guy may never be charged with the embezzlement of millions from Corrupt executives often get away with stealing money from corporations. Mostly because shareholders do not want to sue in civil court. Some are just embarrassed they were conned and want to forget the whole thing. Others feel it’s futile to try an pierce the corporate shroud and get to the stolen money in personal accounts.

We all know that crime (with a gun) doesn’t pay. However, it seems that crimes with pens work out pretty well for the criminals. If you know how to manipulate the world’s complex financial systems to your own benefit you can walk away with a king’s ransom. if this guy survives a few trials, he may be chillin’ with millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains. Will karma eventually get him?

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