In Florida, a naked man that was smoking crack near a swamp was attacked by an 11-foot alligator and survived. The man was rescued by four deputies who pried the man from the alligator’s jaws in waist deep mud. The report stated rather nonchalantly that the man was naked and smoking crack. Now, I don’t know about you, but is it weird that he was naked while he was smoking crack? How many crack smokers do you know that strip naked and get high next to swamps?

Not many. That’s why I think that this is possibly a foiled suicide attempt of some sort. The guy probably thought he’d get high, slather himself in steaks, lay naked, and get eaten by an alligator without feeling a thing. But apparently he brought too many steaks and didn’t bring enough crack. Or perhaps the effects of the crack wore off before the alligator was done with him. Either way, this is definitely something you don’t see every day, even in Florida.

Mama and I are in Los Angeles, well Lake Forest in Orange County actually, celebrating Thanksgiving with Mama’s sister and her husband. The turkey is getting prepped, potatoes and yams are being washed, and the cooking will begin shortly. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the nug readers, yeah all twelve of you!

According to an October 22nd Variety report, David Milch said he’d already begun work on the script for the first telepic, which he is aiming to have shot in time for a premiere next summer. The bottom line is that Deadwood fans will have to wait until next summer to get their final four-hour Deadwood fix. Visit for more information on the progress of the telepics as well as updates on the current projects of many Deadwood stars.

I didn’t actually leave the house today, so I don’t have any pictures of Nintendo fanboys camped outside of stores waiting for the system. They definitely wouldn’t have been lining up outside of the Metreon, since they only sell Playstations there. In any case, the big launch spot for Nintendo was the Toys R Us in Times Square, New York. There a mega-nerd named Isaiah Triforce Johnson, who said he had legally changed his name to include a reference to Nintendo’s “Zelda” series of games, was the first person in line to pick up the system and shake hands with the Nintendo of America President. Even though there are five to ten times more Nintendo Wii’s in circulation than Sony PS3’s, there seem to be less of them on sale on Ebay today. It’s not looking good for Sony.

After checking Ebay online right now, I am appalled that some people are listing the PS3 console for as much as $3,300 given that the system is selling for $600 retail. Most of the “sensible” auctions are selling between $1,000-$1,300 without reserve. Keep in mind that if you pre-ordered the console and didn’t really want it you could have doubled your money in one day. Sadly, I didn’t even think of doing this since I am loyal fan of the Xbox.

In any case, there are a lot more PS3’s for sale than there were Xbox 360’s for sale when it was launched a year ago. This is interesting because Microsoft launched the exact number of units a year ago: 400,000. The verdict: less people are playing the PS3! After seeing the Xbox shortage a year ago, many assumed that they could make money by selling their PS3’s. Fanboys People see it more as an income source than a game system.

PS3 Campers

I took a picture of these fanboy losers guys at 2:45pm today. They were about 50th in line to buy a new shiny PS3 at the Sony Store at the Metreon and were passed out sleeping in the rain. In total, there were about 500 people in line in the rain to buy the systems and the Sony reps were setting up a professional lighting rig at the West entrance to Metreon (and the store). It’s going to be a circus atmosphere when the doors open at midnight. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had real honest-to-goodness fanfare with a brass section and everything!

It amazes me that our economy can sustain people that have stood in line since last night (i.e. no production), will do nothing all day today but sit or sleep in the rain (i.e. no production), and then shell out $600 plus for a gaming system when it goes on sale tonight (i.e. consume). Sadly for Sony, about half of these guys hope to sell the PS3 on Ebay for $1,000 or more. They are not even real fanboys! Still, all publicity is good publicity and the Sony marketing reps are taking photos in full force.

Don’t these guys know that it’s all about the Xbox 360and your Gamerscore!?

At a press conference earlier today, Dubya made a totally unprompted and unwarranted reference to Dell television sets while answering a reporter’s question. Since Michael Dell is one of Dubya’s biggest supporters, this weird event is being called a payoff for Dell’s contributions to the Republican party. Sneaky bitch!

In addition to taking control of the House (234-201), and taking the majority of the state governorships (28-22), the Democrats have now also taken control of the Senate (51-49)! The icing on the cake: Nancy Pelosi will become the first female Speaker of the House and Donald Rumsfeld stepped down as Secretary of Defense. That’s enough to forgive the fact that Schwarzenegger is still the Governor of California. All in all, today was a good day.

HDR Photo of Clayton & Mountains from Oakhurst Country Club

One of my co-workers has a membership at the Oakhurst Country Club in Clayton (near Concord) and invited a few of us to join him for a round of golf. I took it as an opportunity to take my new G7 and take a few hand held daylight HDR composite images (one shown here). Check out the photos if you are so inclined.

Bo Stefan Eriksson, the con man that milked millions from video game company, escaped charges of grand theft and fraudulent concealment when the jury in his trial became deadlocked 10-2. Eriksson gained worldwide notoriety when he crashed a red Ferrari Enzo doing over 160 MPH on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu earlier this year.

Eriksson was not charged with stealing the red Enzo he destroyed in that crash but of taking the two other sports cars that prosecutors said he acquired in England, a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and yet another black Ferrari Enzo. Prosecutors have already said that they would retry the case. He also faces trial on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm that authorities said they found when they searched his $6 million Bel-Air home in March.

Sadly, this guy may never be charged with the embezzlement of millions from Corrupt executives often get away with stealing money from corporations. Mostly because shareholders do not want to sue in civil court. Some are just embarrassed they were conned and want to forget the whole thing. Others feel it’s futile to try an pierce the corporate shroud and get to the stolen money in personal accounts.

We all know that crime (with a gun) doesn’t pay. However, it seems that crimes with pens work out pretty well for the criminals. If you know how to manipulate the world’s complex financial systems to your own benefit you can walk away with a king’s ransom. if this guy survives a few trials, he may be chillin’ with millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains. Will karma eventually get him?

From Dubya’s bottom bitch to political roadkill, Joe Scarborough describes Katherine Harris as a crazy woman that has been dissed continuously by the Bush Administration. She fixed the Florida election to enable Dubya’s first term only to be abandoned by him. Currently, she is being setup to be “destroyed” in her bid for the Senate and is considered not a “has been” but a “never was.” My favorite line from the article, “Friends and former aids have called her delusional, suggested that she had a drinking problem or became mentally imbalanced when rejected time and again by the White House.” Karma baby!

Michael Crook, Internet Troll

This guy is named Michael Crook and, no this is not Photoshopped, he really looks like a troll. This guy is most recently known for copying another guy in posting fake, sexually explicit ads on Craigslist a few months back. They did this to trick sexually adventurous guys into sharing their photos and personal information and then posted the victims’ photos and data on the Internet.

He’s obviously so embarrassed of this photo that he has sent phony DCMA notices to anyone that is hosting it even though he doesn’t own the rights to the image. The image Crook is complaining about is a screengrab from his appearance on a Fox News show. When Fox was contacted for comment, the producer of the segment laughed and added that he had no problem with BoingBoing or anyone else posting the thumbnail image online. Now the EFF has filed suit against him for sending the phony notices.

I went to this guy’s site and almost fell out of my chair laughing. He actually thinks that he’s a pundit of some kind. He is promoting an upcoming podcast, and as icing on the cake, he says he is an aspiring lawyer! Note to lawyers everywhere, you don’t want this guy around, he obviously doesn’t understand copyright law. What a loser! Via BoingBoing and Wired.

Peter Jackson confirms that the Halo film project has been postponed indefinitely. This comes only two weeks after Universal and Fox backed out of a co-financing deal for the film. Looks like Master Chief will not be on the big screen any time soon.

At the Castro Halloween Party last night, the total tally was 7 shot, 1 stabbed, and 1 sexually assaulted. The crowd, estimated to be larger than last year’s 300,000, was being dispersed at 10:40pm when shots were fired on the 2200 block of Market Street. Damn, I am glad we were home! This “party” has been ridiculously out of hand for years, even before the stabbings in 2002 that prompted the city to start hosting it. Surely the city is now wondering why it didn’t just end the party then. Stay tuned.