At least that’s what the Bush Administration thinks. Bush signed a bill today that authorizes the building of 700 miles of fencing along the Mexican border, a border that is actually 2,100 miles long. What he didn’t mention is that the measure signed doesn’t fund the project, which nobody, including the President, knows how much will ultimately cost. Ridiculous.

The Bush Administration apparently didn’t get the memo on the fact that walls typically don’t work at protecting national borders. It didn’t work for China against Mongol invaders (it was too expensive to finish and Mongols could “go around” it), it didn’t work in Berlin (shooting people on sight was the major deterrent there), it doesn’t work in Israel (except to inspire more suicide bombings), and it won’t work here.

Since funding for this project is not likely to ever happen, the signing of this bill is just pre-election posturing by the Bush Administration in trying to garner ultra-conservative Republican borders that want the fence. Meanwhile, they are alienating conservative Republicans that think that a fence is an unnecessary expense and a bad idea. Whatever.

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