Blade Got Paid

Wesley Snipes, known for his “Blade” movies, was indicted on tax fraud charges accusing him of getting paid $12 million from the government in false refund claims. The suit claims that he filed for the false refunds for 2 years and then failed to file a refund for 6 years. If indicted on all counts he faces 16 years in prison. Damn, looks like Blade may be trading in all his cool gadgets for a jail house shiv!

I don’t know why any celebrity would do this. I mean celebrities already get paid obscene amounts of money compared to the rest of society. Some would argue that becoming a famous actor is like hitting the lottery. And on top of that some of them try to cheat their way out of paying for their fair share of taxes! That’s totally wrong! If Snipes is guilty of doing this he should definitely go down.

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