Triathletes Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from India to Kuwait. That’s right, just one small border cross away from Iraq, where U.S. troops are blown up daily. All the teams were bunched up in Mumbai and arrived in Kuwait at the same time.

Kuwait proved to be a hard place to navigate, with many teams getting lost in between tasks. Team Alabama, the Asian Brothers, and the Coal Miners had an alliance and consider themselves friends. So much so that the Asian Brothers let the Coal Miners “take” the Fast Forward because the Coal Miners were marked for elimination. Dumb move.

The Coal Miners came in first with the Fast Forward. I thought for sure that the Asian Brothers would be gone after their mistake, but ultimately it was the Triathletes inability to read a map that would eventually do them in. I’m sad to see Sarah go, but Peter was such a dick that I’m glad he’s gone. Buh-bye!

On the mat, Peter said that they “both” figured out they weren’t right for each other in order to save face. The whole country knows he got dumped for being a dick to Sarah. In the post-show interviews Sarah finally confirmed that Peter was not the right person for her. Duh!? Hopefully she figured it out at the same time as we all did–after the first leg (no pun intended) of the race.

Here are the highlights from this week’s episode:

  • One of the Miss America girls said “I don’t think anybody wants to be beaten by a couple of blonde girls.” Well, some people may not only want that they may pay extra to be beaten by blondes. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.
  • One of the Asian Brothers was afraid of heights. Big deal. They built up his having to climb outside for the Roadblock for almost 15 minutes and he didn’t even flinch once he was outside. I guess they didn’t have much in this episode.
  • The Fast Forward task was pretty interesting. They had the Coal Miners put on flame retardant suits, in the already 100 degree desert climate, and walk up to a 1600 degree fire. Can you say hot!? Still, this was bout three minutes in an hour long episode.
  • Boring! This was one of the most boring episodes of the race—ever. The bulk of the episode showed teams driving around lost in Kuwait. I bet it was hard for the producers to squeeze an hour out of all the driving footage of teams lost in the desert.
  • Teams lost in the desert makes for crappy TV. There isn’t even any nice scenery to look at like in Oman or the United Arab Emirates, just desert. It looks like Tatooine! I hope they leave Kuwait immediately at the beginning of the next episode for all of our sakes.
  • Episode Stats

    Detour: Manual or Automatic. In Manual, teams needed to fill ten 110 pound bags of camel feed and stack them on a palette. In Automatic, teams needed to use an voice-activated automated jockey to drive a camel on a track at a camel race track.

    Roadblock: Who’s strong in both mind and body? One team member needed to climb the ladder on the outside of one of the Kuwait Towers, 610 feet above the ground, to get puzzle pieces and then complete the puzzle on the ground.

    Other Physical Challenge(s): None.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: Confront Oil Well Fire. Teams must drive to an oil field and put on a flame retardant suit to retrieve a clue from a clue box next to an oil well fire.

    Pit Stop: Al-Sadiq Water Towers, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

    Balls of the Week: Sarah for dealing with Peter and not kicking him in the nuts with her prosthetic leg, again!

    Dumbest Play: The Asian Brothers letting the Coal Miners go for the Fast Forward even though they were in last place at the Roadblock.

    Smartest Play: Miss America figuring out the map and street grid of Kuwait to come in second place behind the Coal Miners, which had the Fast Forward.

    Funniest Moment: The Druggies lost in the desert on the way to the Detour, any Detour, they were bummed.

    Pick to Win: Miss America (currently second).

    Next to Be Eliminated: Asian Brothers (currently fifth).

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