Coal Miners in Last Place

In this episode, teams made their way from Vietnam to India. Teams were immediately all bunched up on a train on the way to Hanoi, Vietnam. On the train, the Asian Brothers decided to annoy the hell out of Peter of the Triathletes team by faking that they were using a cell phone to book flights. While this *did* annoy Peter, it inspired to find a real cell phone to arrange for reservations. The Triathletes and Miss America called ahead to a hotel travel agency to book tickets to Chennai, India. There was a lot of drama with all of the teams making different flight arrangements to get to Chennai.

Ultimately, the Asian Brothers got the earliest booked flights to Chennai through Hong Kong and Dehli that put them into Chennai three hours before other teams. The Asian Brothers quickly shared their information with the Coal Miners and Alabama, who changed their reservations at the airport to get to Dehli and fly standby to Chennai. This proved to be a good move, but they didn’t beat Miss America and the Triathletes who got better flights to Chennai from Bangkok.

The teams arrived in Chennai with Miss America and the Triathletes in the lead, followed by all of the other teams except for the Coal Miners. The Coal Miners were unable to get the same standby flight as all of the other teams and would be on a plane that left forty minutes later, placing them squarely in last place as teams arrived in Chennai. Still, they were optimistic, saying “we don’t think we’re last” as they arrived.

The Coal Miners made mistakes. They chose the Wild Rice Detour instead of the Wild Things Detour. If they had chosen the crocodile challenge they would have passed the Druggies who also chose the rice powder challenge. Too many mistakes brought about their last place finish. Of course, now that I didn’t pick them to be last, they are in last place. It’s a good thing that I am not handicapping this race.

Fortunately for them this was a non-elimination leg. Unfortunately for them, the rules of the race have changed. Instead of giving up their possessions and their money, they are now “marked for elimination.” This means that if they do not finish the next leg in first place they will incur a half hour penalty. This means that they better get to the mat at least a half hour ahead of the last place team or adios amigos. I don’t think they’ll survive.

Here are the highlights from this week’s episode:

  • The Yellers finally admit that they need to “chill out.” Whatever.
  • No shit. Sarah says that her feelings for Peter have changed, she doesn’t “hold him on a pedestal anymore.” I totally agree, that mofo does not have Sarah best interests at heart.
  • One of the Alabama girls is like “I’m sick of lookin’ at her.” I can’t believe how much these women complain about everything. Granted, they still do all the tasks and they aren’t in last place, but damn.
  • What!? When Alabama asked Peter what flight he and Sarah were on he answered, “Tahiti?” He was clearly trying to use disinformation to confuse the other teams.
  • What an ass! Peter complained “we go from one polluted city to another” when he and Sarah arrived in Chennai, India.
  • Kimberly is an ignorant slut! She basically said that she wanted to be in Europe “with the rich people” when she arrived in Chennai, India.
  • The Druggies seem to always have taxi drivers that have no f’ing idea where they are going. Sad.
  • Peter is such a dick! Each time he yells at Sarah I want to beat his ass! Unfortunately a crocodile didn’t bite him at the Detour. He said “I like the way I am I like the way I doing things…” There’s no “I” in team you bastard!
  • Teams needed to obtain an Indian driver’s license. They got a very brief course and were literally thrown into the crazy Indian traffic. At the end of this they were actually given a license. This explains why the driving on the roads is so crazy; you can get a license in a half an hour!
  • Episode Stats

    Detour: Wild Things or Wild Rice. In Wild Things, teams needed to wrangle and move a crocodile from one pen to another at an alligator habitat. In Wild Rice, teams needed to make a traditional Indian design on the ground using colored rice powder.

    Roadblock: Who is the driving force behind this team? One team member needed to attend an Indian driving school and pass a driving test to obtain an Indian driver’s license.

    Other Physical Challenge(s): None.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Pit Stop: The Chettinad House, Chennai, India.

    Balls of the Week: Sarah for dealing with Peter and not kicking him in the nuts with her prosthetic leg.

    Dumbest Play: The Asian Brothers telling *everybody* about their better flights.

    Smartest Play: Coal Miners and Alabama taking a risk to go to Dehli and fly standby to Chennai.

    Funniest Moment: The Asian Brothers making believe that they were on the phone making plane reservations to annoy the crap out of Peter.

    Pick to Win: Miss America (currently second).

    Next to Be Eliminated: Coal Miners (currently in last place and “marked for elimination”).

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