Bitches Eliminated

In this episode, teams made their way from Vac, Vietnam to Hanoi, Vietnam. A first for the race, teams had to “listen” for their clue rather than find a clue box for their first task. This proved to be difficult for some of the teams because they couldn’t write down the names of their next destinations. The language (or literacy) barrier proved to be a pretty funny situation. Sadly, all the teams bunched up after the taxi ride waiting for a bus.

Teams then made their way via bus to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam to get to their next Roadblock. The Roadblock was to use an ascender to go up a cliff using a single rope. No big deal right, except all of the sudden it was like “What!?” Peter made Sarah do the Roadblock even though she only has one leg and climbing is about leg strength more than it is about arm strength—everybody knows that. People with two legs could alternate between their two legs to do the climb, Sarah couldn’t.

Even the other teams were shocked that Peter wasn’t doing the Roadblock. Is this guy going to do any physical Roadblock!? So far this bitch has sold flowers in a market and that’s about it. That’s just unacceptable. Peter is just not looking out for Sarah’s best interests even though he feigns to be doing so in the name of showing her what she could do. I think he sucks ass.

After the challenge, at least he stepped up to row the boat in the Detour. How nice. I am surprised he didn’t make Sarah do it by herself. He was even snappy as he rowed the boat and asked Sarah to not encourage him but to only give him direction. Sarah might as well be on a one person team. Whatever. We are so done with Peter, and hopefully Sarah is too.

After the Detour, the Bitches and the Miss America team were battling for last place. Miss America destroyed their clues and didn’t realize that they needed to get back to their junk to get to the Pit Stop, and the Bitches didn’t know how to row back to their junk. Tom eventually decided to swim to the junk while pulling the row boat behind him. The Bitches made it to the Pit Stop in last place. Adios amigos.

Surprisingly, even with all their bickering, the Yellers (Rob & Kimberly) are in first place. I hope that Miss America can stage a comeback because they are still my pick to win.

Here are the highlights from this week’s episode:

  • Drink water bitches! In the beginning of the episode we were told that Rob, from the Yellers collapsed from heat exhaustion and had to receive medical attention before being declared fit to continue the race. They showed him in what looked like a tub of water and ice trying to get hydrated. The moral of the story, drink water on the race at all costs.
  • No shit. “Control is a big problem in this relationship” said Rob of the Yellers team. This guy needs a volume knob on his back. A while later, Kimberly demanded “don’t talk so loud, babe.” He yells, she nags, he yells, she yells. Wow.
  • Friends in low places. The Coal Miners had shirts that showed a coal miner crawling through a cave wearing a head lamp with the inscription “Friends in Low Places.” That’s awesome that there are coal miner specific joke shirts in the world.
  • The Yellers hate the Triathletes because “Peter bugs” them. Peter bugs me too.
  • The Yellers had a little breakdown in their taxi cab because he drove in a circle not once, but twice. Rob looked like he was going to blow a blood vessel and collapse right there in the back seat! He warned, “I am totally gonna freak out right now!” What a lamer.
  • Karma baby! The Miss America hoes passed Alabama on their way to get on a boat at the Roadblock and almost immediately one of the hoes cut themselves while boarding the boat. Alabama exclaimed “that’s what they get!”
  • Miss America got their clues all wet and couldn’t even read them at one point. If they do that again they could be gone.
  • Episode Stats

    Detour: Over of Under. In Over, teams row a boat to pick up and deliver goods to a floating village. In Under, teams row a boat to pull up thirty oysters in pearl farm and deliver them to a pearl farmer on a floating village.

    Roadblock: Who’s got strong arms and legs? One team member needed to use a mechanical ascender to climb a 90 foot rope up a sheer cliff over water.

    Other Physical Challenge(s): None.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Pit Stop: Soi Sim Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

    Balls of the Week: Sarah ascending to the top of the cliff, no thanks to Peter. Is she on a one person team?

    Dumbest Play: Miss America not knowing where to go to get to the Pit Stop.

    Smartest Play: None.

    Funniest Moment: Tie: The Yellers and Peter (from the Triathletes) breaking down at the Under Detour.

    Pick to Win: Miss America, I mean look at ’em!

    Next to Be Eliminated: Alabama. I am changing it up since it appears that the Coal Miners are pretty resilient. I’ve been for four episodes straight! With my luck, the Coal Miners will be next.

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