In 2003, when Michael Moore was promoting his book Dude Where’s My Country, he setup a mock petition to urge Oprah to run for president that he published on his website. While the petition never took flight, apparently a fan of Oprah’s named Patrick Crowe, has been urging her to run for president for years, has setup a website dedicated to that cause, and was planning to publish a book titled Oprah for President: Run Oprah Run.

That is, until Oprah’s lawyers found out about it. Crowe has received a cease and desist notice from Oprah’s lawyers urging him to stop plans for his book and take down his website citing that these could cause “damage and irreparable injury” to Oprah’s reputation. Damn, I guess Oprah really doesn’t want to be president. However, she may find it hard to prove that her reputation could be injured if a public document, in this case a book and a website, urges her to run in a court of law. Besides, I don’t see her threatening Michael Moore.

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