Cheerleaders Eliminated

In this episode, teams needed to make their way by bus and train to Mongolia. Once there, they dealt with crappy trucks, semi-wild horses, crazy yaks, and flaming arrows. After it was all said and done, the Triathletes were first, Druggies were second, Lesbian was third, Bitches were fourth, Miss America was fifth, the Yellers (Rob & Kimberly) were sixth, Cole Miners were seventh, Asian Brothers were eighth, and Alabama was ninth.

The Cheerleaders could not overcome driving the wrong way, not once, but twice on the same leg. They literally lacked direction and that forced them to arrive at the Roadblock well behind the other teams. Adding insult to injury, they were unable to even finish the Roadblock due to sheer exhaustion. They were eliminated from the race.

Here are the highlights from this week’s episode:

  • Mary, from the Coal Miners team, said “I’ve never known an Asian person in my life” and then went on and whispered “Honest to goodness, we’ve never been around gay people…and buddy, I like ‘em!”
  • “It’s good having a physical disability because we’re gonna use that to our advantage” said Peter while Sarah danced around in front of the train station for tips like a trained monkey. I bet Sarah doesn’t think that it’s *good* to have a physical disability.
  • Can I buy a vowel? Teams went to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, a city with five ‘a’s in it.
  • As the taxi pulled out in Mongolia, dirty water splashed into the cab and into Kimberly’s mouth and she exclaimed, “Dirty water! Can you get diseases from that?” Rob immediate answered “No.” Sorry, Rob, but you can get all kinds of diseases from a dirty water puddle on the street. There may be some diarrhea in Kimberly’s future.
  • “What are you doin’?” asked Kimberly, and Rob responded “we’re gonna go this way…that’s why I’m on the race with you honey.” Yeah, he’s on the race to take them the wrong way whenever possible. This guy is an abusive idiot.
  • When the Druggies were sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, Team Alabama slowed down but didn’t stop to help them. One of them yelled “Peace out, go, go, go!” as they kept driving. She later added, “Their tire’s flat, that’s what they’re mad about, screw them!” Okay I agree that it’s a race and stopping is not an option, but don’t slow down! They should have simply driven past the other team at full speed.
  • Like a Transformer, Sarah changed out her leg attachment before the horse riding task. More than meets the eye indeed.
  • Kimberly said “I don’t like to ride horses, I mean they have a mind of their own.” Those would be prophetic words. Shortly after her horse walked past a low branch and got Kimberly stuck in a tree, she fell to the ground backwards with a hard thud. It was funny as hell. Shockingly, Rob didn’t get off his horse to go help her. What an ass!
  • Miss America was almost adios amigos. Dustin fell off her horse and still had one leg in her stirrup. The horse immediately took off running and dragged her at least twenty feet before kicking her leg off the stirrup. She could have gotten really hurt either from the fall, the dragging, or the horse kicking her leg. She was so lucky.
  • “Dude I’m over him coming after me!” said one of the Druggies when the Triathletes yak was heading towards them with a pissed look in its eye. Shortly after, the yak had a fucking freak out and took off running, almost trampling Peter. The Druggies later said “that thing is sooo freaky, look he’s still going dude.” Peter later said, “That thing’s got fire in its eyes man!” Yeah, that thing was crazy.
  • The Mongolian man that helped the Asian Brothers fix their truck just walked past them after their truck started. One of the brothers bowed at him and he just kept on walking like he wasn’t even standing there. I think that he didn’t like having his picture taken, but it was still funny.
  • Phil said that the last team to check into the Pit Stop “may be eliminated.” This is in stark contrast to what he said at the start of the race in which he said “will be eliminated.” This still leaves things open for non-elimination legs later in the race.
  • Gay guys can’t shoot a bow and arrow. It was pure luck that the Bitches completed me the Roadblock. Miss America hit the target on the first try.
  • Episode Stats

    Detour: Take It Down or Fill It Up. In Take It Down, teams needed to take down and pack a traditional Mongolian nomadic shelter onto a camel. In Fill It Up, teams needed to use a yak pulled cart to get water from the river to the nomadic camp.

    Roadblock: Who’s ready to aim high? One team member had to shoot a flaming arrow onto a target on the ground 160 feet away.

    Other Physical Challenge(s): None.

    Yield: None.

    Fast Forward: None.

    Pit Stop: Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

    Balls of the Week: Dustin for not dying when she fell off her horse.

    Dumbest Play: Miss America losing one of their hats and their first place lead, since the hat was necessary to complete the task.

    Smartest Play: The Druggies for going from ninth place to third place on this leg.

    Funniest Moment: The Triathletes dealing with their crazy yak.

    Pick to Win: Miss America, I mean look at ’em!

    Next to Be Eliminated: Coal Miners.

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