By now you’ve heard of the foiled terrorist plot to board planes with liquid explosives at London Heathrow. Well, because the plot involved taking liquid explosives aboard planes in carry-ons, passengers at all U.S. and British airports are banned from taking any liquids onto planes. So, if liquids may be explosive, why are there pictures of TSA agents dumping liquids into trash cans in the middle of crowded security lines. One guy was even opening the containers and dumping them into a trash can, essentially mixing chemicals in the trash can itself. Genius. Funny, I don’t feel safer now that my Aquafina bottle is gone, just thirsty.


  1. Liquids on a plane.

    #1 by Nugget — August 10, 2006 @ 3:53 pm

  2. Yeah, and the part that’s even crazier is that the sealed bottles of water that you can buy in the secure area of the airport (after you go through security) can’t be taken on board the planes either. So now the sealed bottles that a (supposedly) trusted employee brought through security days or weeks ago aren’t safe anymore…

    #2 by Dave — August 10, 2006 @ 9:20 pm

  3. Do we have pics of British authorities pouring liquids into garbage bins? It would make me feel a little better if people in other countries were just as retarded as we are.

    And Iraq has WMD. They’re hiding them under boxes filled with pictures of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

    #3 by Jimmy — August 13, 2006 @ 4:27 pm

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