Castro wrote a letter saying that he’s sick, going into surgery, and that Raul, his brother, is officially in power. Of course, this prompted celebration all over Miami, including Calle Ocho. However, this is not the first time Castro has been sick. By many accounts, he has been “dying” for the last thirty years. Of course, this time it may actually happen and the world is watching. His death may open the door for multi-party democratic elections and an open economy on the island. The only way that the U.S. will lift the embargo is if Castro dies, and apparently the U.S. now has an incentive, cheap energy. Stay tuned.

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  1. A first hand account of what’s been happening in South Florida after the Castro announcement:

    Horns honked incessantly two nights ago–well past 2:30 AM. The local radio stations blasted the national media for not providing enough coverage of el muerto. Headlights filckered. Flags flew. Conspiracy theories over cafe cubano at La Carreta included:

    1. Fidel is dead. Raul is stand-in. (sort of FDR meets “Dave”).
    2. Fidel is alive but will never recover and Raul is easing into the top spot.
    3. Fidel plans to retire in style, as he has amassed an enormous fortune, largely on the backs of the people.

    Of course, zealotry abounds. There is something very strange, indeed, when an ailing dictator’s demise brings great happiness to millions. I saw an awful lot of smiles through lightly tinted windows of several Lincoln Navigators in Kendall.

    That’s about it for right now. More to follow–I am certain.

    #1 by st — August 2, 2006 @ 10:33 pm

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